Trip Report 10 Years of Married bliss, 2 park days, and 4 parks. Challenge Accepted!


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Just got back last night around 5:30 central time, and already to go back ,but its time to share our wonderful quick getaway with you all!

We left on Saturday the 7 at 2 am local time to start the drive. The dogs were very unhappy to be up.. I really only got a good photo of my Harley, but Max was super unhappy about getting up that early too


It takes us about 11 or so hours to drive from here, so we arrived about 2:30 local Disney time to our resort. We were staying at POP century again, 1 because the rate was good, and 2 its just the 2 of us, and were a bit of park nomads.

We were about 2 hours out and we got the room ready text. YES! we can go straight to the room, then straight to the pool bar!! i had been looking forward to a stop at Petals for weeks! We had requested a King size room, and close to the main hall, and ended up once we got there with back side of 50 building two, and a double queen room on floor 3... So this would be the first time we didnt get any of our requests ,but not a big deal we were only here for a short time, so we could walk.

Once we got unpacked, i headed to petals to get some drinks while my wife changed into her bathing suit so we could head down to the pool. We checked out Hippy Dippy, but it was crowded, and we were closer to the bowling Pin Pool anyways so we took our drinks for a walk and got in that one to relax for a bit. We went with the Pina Colava, and i could of drank that all day... my budget and heat said otherwise so to the pool we went!


Really liked how nice and quiet the Bowling pin pool was. it was the first time using it. Last march we didnt use the pools at all as it was too cold, an back in 2012 we were super close to Hippy Dippy so we used that daily.


We hung out in the pool for a while, to cool off and de stress from the drive. This was a first for us! Usually we are off to a park the minute we get there, but thi time we took advantage and took a break day 1.

After the pool we headed back to the room. We might of been out in the boonies at POP, but the view was nice of the Skyliner!


We changed, and relaxed a bit in the room, before we decided to head up to Everything POP to get a look at new stuff, Halloween items, and just see new stuff since our last trip in 2018. i grabbed a second round of Pina Colava on the way back, and got a few shots of the area around our room at dusk. I really like the reflection of skyliner. it wasnt running this night, part of the Stop and Go testing i imagine.


We were hungry so we took a look at menus, and decided to try the order to room feature, and ordered some chicken wings and a pizza. The service tells you it could be up to an hour, but a delivery person was at my door in less than 20. Really impressed in that service, and its cheaper than getting a lower quality pizza from POPS food court.

No photos of the food, but it was good, and hit the spot.

After Dinner, as it got dark, we decided to go out for a walk. My wife's a smoker, so we did have a smoking section close to our room, so i got to watch skyliner when id go out with her, or on our way to the buses.

We took a walk over the generation gap bridge, to get some night photos of skyliner. I really love this addition, and cant wait to use it next trip even though were not staying at POP, ill find a reason to hop from EPCOT to DHS or visa versa.


After this, we went back to our room, got settled and set alarms. Day 1 of 2 park days was to be in the morning. Starting at Animal Kingdom, and ending at Magic Kingdom for our very first MNSSHP!! Stay tuned!!!


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OK because ive got some free time Its on to Day 2! and Park day 1 of 2! Ill split this up in a few posts as ive got some photos, and the limit is 10 :)

We Had decided a while before we left that we would start at AK, as we had MNSSHP tickets, so we needed something to do before we went over there for the party, and we had snagged a Reservation for our Anniversary dinner at Yak and Yeti. That place has to be the our favorite, and it isnt quite a trip until we eat there!

We also saw that it was AK early Magic hours, so figured, wed go over, rope drop the Navi River Journey ( my wife loves this ride and cant handle the motion o FOP) grab a safari, maybe see the Bird show, do some shopping, eat our lunch, and head back to the hotel for a quick nap and then off to the Halloween party... or so we thought...

We got up, got ready, and made it to AK, just after 7. Cleared bag check, got a great Bag checker that joked with you etc, this to me is great, as im sure its a thankless job, and i like to see ones, that really love their job! I took a few photos of the Tree of life early morning as the sun was coming up:


Tree of life has got to be my favorite personally. My wife loves the castle, and don't get me wrong so do I, but.. its not Disney to me unless i see the Tree of Life!

So we were off to Pandora! i loved the shots i could get early morning! Last year it was just afternoon, and evening, so it was nice to see the sun rising in Pandora.

We got right on Navi River, and had grabbed a fastpass weeks ago, to make sure we got it. We ended up riding again, but more on why later.

Heres one of my favorites!


Once we left here, i grabbed a few more shots, and it was off to take a Safari.. or so we thought... Come to find out today was one of those " subject to availability" days on safari, and it was not open for EMH... Disapointing, as it was a must do! So we continued on. I skipped Everest, this trip as it was just my Wife and I and i wanted it to be things we both liked to do, and theres always next trip!

we hadnt had any coffee, so we found a Coffee stand in Asia, and sat for a few. I may or may not had one of the alcoholic ones :)

It was delicious by the way ;)


We also then Realized that well... we forgot our sunglasses back home, so who doesnt love 20 dollar Sunglasses!! We both grabbed a pair, and back to the fun!

We were looking for the UP bird show, to see show times, but sadly found it closed this trip again, so something to do next time.

We wandered over to see the tigers, but they were sleeping. I believe we may be on to something here for sure!


It was finally after 8, so Safari was open finally! We headed over there, and got right on.


I didnt get alot of great shots this time, as most animals had not come out yet, or were hiding. No Lions, very little Giraffes, we accounted the weather, and the time. next time hopefully will be better, weve always had great Safari's so i guess it was our time for our off one.

After this we went over to see the Gorillas, Which were... wait for it..... also sleeping! Sensing a trend here?


There were others out and about, an the experience never disappoint's till amazing to see them!

We had a fast pass for Navi River, so we elected to use it, as why not! We had time.

After this, My wife had to use the bathroom, and forever will regret it, as she missed Kevin!!


it was getting to be within reason to go to our lunch reservation, and because Were on vacation, i had desert before lunch!

I grabbed a dole whip with Coconut rum! YUMM!!


We went over to Yak and Yeti after this, and per usual that didnt dissapoint! I had the Combo Lo Mien, with a Yak attack, and my wife had the Sweet and Sour Chicken,. She said hers was so so, so next time its back to the Lo Mien for her.

Here is the Yak Attack after i had enjoyed some of it. Always such a great drink!


After this, we picked up a gift or 2, and one of those cool spinners they sell in Africa, and made way for the Exit to head back to POP for a change of close, and a bit of relax before it was time to head to our fist MNSSHP!!!

Stay tuned for that fun!


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Alright! Day 1 Part 2!

We headed back to the hotel to change as it had been HOTTTT all day! We grabbed a fast pass ( we only had to use t maybe 2 times over the 2 days) for Jungle Cruise as its a favorite of both of ours, and wanted to make sure we got it.

We chilled out and relaxed a bit, and then headed out to the bus stop to head to Magic Kingdom.

We got there just in time to get the wrist band for the Party. This was our first party, so it was exciting for sure!

It actually wasn't too long before we had our wristband, and were through the gates!

It was after 4:00 and our fastpass was for 4:25, so off to Adventure land we went!


I cant remember the Skippers name, but ill tell you she was the best skipper we have ever had! Really made the ride totally worth it, and is a big memory from this short trip.

After our Great tour of The worlds best rivers, and successfully seeing the back side of water, we filled our popcorn bucket ( always a go to for us.. There is something amazing about Disney Popcorn!) we went back to Main-street to do some shopping, My wife and I wanted Halloween ears, so i got some Haunted Mansion 50th ears, and she got some Sally Ears.

We then checked wait times, and grabbed a ride on Mansion before the overlays came in at 7:00, and then headed to grab some stuff up in Fantasy land. Pan, Under the sea etc.

We were really amazed at how many attractions we managed to get this trip, but i guess it was usually lower September crowds, a party night, and the past hurricane, so color us lucky!

By now it was about 7, and the candy stops were open, so we trick or treated our way around the Magic Kingdom, getting attractions along the way. We took a small beak when we were in new Fantasy land, and 7 dwarves was like a 20 minute wait, so i got my first ever ride on it! I liked it, but the restraints are tough on taller people. We were able to Just about walk on to Buzz, and got a ride on the people mover before the sun went down to see Tron construction.

Now that it was official party time, the Attraction overlays were on, so we hit Mansion in between more candy, and just taking in the party, and got our first ride on Pirates in years, as it was down for the Red head refurb last year when we were there.

It had been a long day, so we took our time, knowing we had already gotten just about everything we had planned on doing and then some. We went for the last boo to You Parade after the fireworks, so we could grab the attraction overlay rides.

This was our first ever party, so were were complete newbies, but i thought for the price, we got a great value. Plenty of candy, walked on to just about every attraction, Great new Fireworks show, and the parade rocked!

Heres some of my favorite shots of the Parade!


After the Parade, i got a few Shots around the Hub while i waited to get out through the crowds and get back to the buses.


During the Party we decided to kill our idea to get up at 5 to go to Hollywood, and sleep in and just hit EPCOT instead, so we headed for the busses, and got back to the hotel just before 1. Set the alarm for like 7 or so, EPCOT opened at 9, so we were to make that our plan..

Will that stay the same or will it change? Stay tuned to find out!


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Enjoying your report so far - great pics in Pandora!

Always nice to get a good skipper on JC. I can honestly say I've never had popcorn at WDW but now I may have to try it next time.


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Enjoying your report so far - great pics in Pandora!

Always nice to get a good skipper on JC. I can honestly say I've never had popcorn at WDW but now I may have to try it next time.
Thanks! We always seem to get it, and the Buckets are only like 10 bucks, and its like 2 bucks to fill it each time for length of stay. It comes in handy as it comes with a cover, and we can take it just about anywhere. Works well for us.

It was nice to get Pandora early morning at Rope Drop this time, our last trip in March 2018, i only got the afternoon and night, and the Sun got in my way. My wife looves Navi River Journey, so we rope dropped that before anything else, and had to stop for some photos!

This was a short trip, but we got a ton done for sure! First adult only trip. Next one were taking my Oldest Niece and Nephew on their first trip. Thats part of a multi year plan, to get all 4 of them there for their first view of the World.


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Alright!! Heres to Park day 2!

So in the last post we had decided that wed skip extra extra magic hours at Hollywood Studios, as who wants to get in at 1 am, just to get back out the door at 5 am to get to Hollywood Studios.

This likely meant that we would just Skip Hollywood all together. Galaxy's Edge had just opened, and well time was limited, and we both LOOOVE EPCOT, so EPCOT it was.

We set the alarm for like 7 i believe, as well EPCOT doesn't open till 9, so we might as well get some rest to spend the rest of the trip at EPCOT.

We headed out to the bus, grabbed a breakfast sandwich at Everything POP, checked the app for bus time, and headed out to the Busses in time to get over there fairly Quickly.

We arrived just after Park open, and headed over for the Bag Check lines.

Here is a photo i got of my favorite SSE while i waited for my wife to get through the bag line. ( we decided to split this up. I dealt with the bag line at AK the day before, so it was her turn)


This trip at EPCOT, we wanted to get a few things really, Some Shopping possibly, SSE to say goodbye for a while, as it will be down for a couple years :( Im cool with this, as shes getting a bit rough, so im hoping the track and cars get some work.

Some Shots of SSE! Don't worry, No Flash! I hate hate hate when people do that! We got stopped for a Guest transfer a couple times so i got a few good ones.


SSE is my earliest Disney memory growing up, and the first ride i ever rode on site, so its got a special place in my heart.

Wait times again were not too bad, so we kind of wung the day. Once we got off SSE, we decided we would head to the Seas, as there was like a 5 minute wait for it, so hey why not, and as Saltwater fish keepers ourselves, we love to view the tanks after the ride.

This trip i didnt get any photos of them but the coral colonies looked amazing, and the clams always make my jaw drop. They grow slow, but to think the little one i have here will get that big someday is amazing!

After the seas, we headed to the Land, the intention was to grab Soarin, and Living with the Land, as well they are in the same building, but the heat was getting to us, and my wife's feet were really hurting her, ( this is a completely off topic story, but she had brought a pair of sandals that she broke in for a bit, but not long enough apparently. Max had decided to eat the other pair one day while we were at work, so she had to start over, and it really got to her day 1, so by now she had switched to shoes, but still in the heat it was getting to her) We decided to grab some fresh items of cheese and fruit and sit in the Land, and just kind of people watch for a while. We made the decision not to get Soarin this time, as the angled queue, and standing on her feet that long would be a bit painful, so we chose to skip it this time.

That being said, we did do Living with the land! Its honestly one of our favorite things, One its never much of a wait, Two, its a nice sit down break.

I have to say that new 4K video is really great! That refresh looked really really good!

After this We headed to Test Track as this was something that we just couldn't Miss!! It really came down to, Its Soarin or Test Track, and she knows i Love Test Track, and she does too, so it was Test Track After all!

The wait was maybe 20-30 minutes. Per usual i left her to design the car, and it was definitely something only a mother could love! Ha!

This is a ride, i think she forgets how fun it is, and always worries about it, and is a bit scared, but once shes on it, and were doing 65 mph around the building is all in!

I think honestly its the darkness inside so she doesn't know where we are going that is the most scary, however she keeps going back!

We had a great ride, and the breeze outside really felt good!.

After this, the only real thing we had left to do in Future world as it is, was my FIGMENT!!! I had been hoping I could see the fountain one more time, but alas Disney did something fast, and walls went up overnight so i didn't get a last show.

Oh well... I am actually excited to see what comes next, We just have to live through WALLCOT for a couple years to get there.

After Test Track we decided it was time to do some shopping at MouseGear.

My wife had saw weeks before these cool goodbye illuminations light up cups, so she wanted some of those, and i wanted a Tshirt or something if i could find one.

Well we ended up finding it all! We got 4 cups, and i got 2 tshirts. 1 cup for my wife, one cup for Me, one for my daughter and her Fiance back at the house dog sitting.

For shirts, i got the black goodbye illuminations, and the Figment Epcot Center Shirt. I cant ever say No to anything with Figment on it seriously!

After our shopping spree, we stopped to fill our popcorn bucket, which in retrospect, im not sure why we waited so long, we LOVE Disney Popcorn!

We decided that we probably should eat some lunch, and something other than popcorn at this point so we headed to say goodbye to Electric Umbrella, and got a Chicken finger basket to share. It hit the spot, and the AC and people watching wasn't bad either!

I needed to find a bathroom, so my wife sat in the breezeway where Joy and Baymax were meeting, and waited for me to rest her feet and relax.
I came back, met up with her, and we headed to Imagination!

It might be a shell of its former self, but Figment is by far my favorite, and its not a trip to me until im singing one little spark!

Here's a few shots of my Pyramids!


We got right on per usual, and every time i walk the queue, i hear the emptiness below, and long for it to be re done the way it should of to honor the first one...

Heres my favorite scene! IMG_20190909_145701.jpg

With so much closed in Future world, there really was no reason not to go around the world and see what Food and Wine had to hold for snacks.

We made way for World Showcase, and we tried the first booth we saw with something we liked. It was the Scallops.

I cant remember which booth this was, but it was pretty good! The heat got to us, so we really didn't do as much snacking as we wanted to, so we continued our way around the world.

By the time we hit Canada, the feet were hurting, so we sat for a while. My wife felt Guilty, but i kept telling her, id sit there and watch people all day, as a slow day in the world, is better than any day in the office.

We got some of the free ice water, and took a load off our feet.

We Gathered some Energy, and made our way further around the world.

We would stop from time to time, wander in a store, and look around, one to see if we found anything we liked and two, because it was 95 and sunny in Central Florida, so an AC break was nice.

We wandered in Italy, and France, and Made our way towards Germany.

I took some time to watch the Train Garden, as you never know when this could be gone.


its the little things like this, that makes me love EPCOT so much!

We did some more window shopping in Germany, and such. This was the first time we really did this, as it was just the two of us, and i could of done it all day and been totally happy.

From Germany, we continued around the world, checking menus, in case there was something we wanted, until we got to Norway. now im not a fan of the Frozen taking over Norway, but on the last 2 trips, the Bakery has been closed for some reason, and it was open, so a stop was not Negotiable!

We went in, and i got me what i had been wanting for a while!

Who doesnt like a good School Bread!


We grabbed more Water, and sat out back for a bit to take in the passing people, re-hydrate, and just relax.

It was delicious as always!

We got back on our feet, and headed to Mexico. We figured, wed look at around the gift shop, and grab a boat ride with Donald.

There was no wait, so low, that it wasn't even listed in the App. It was a nice little break, and we always love that ride.

upon exiting, we decided it was time for another ride on SSE, and it was only like 4:30 or so, and we had plenty of night left.

We took the path out by the Odyssey to miss all the food and wine traffic back into future world.

I have to say, personally, i wasn't impressed with the menus at Food and wine. I thought i got better snacks from the Flower and Garden last march when we were there.

Maybe it was the hotter weather compared to March, but we just didn't find anything we cared to try all that much. We will for sure go back to flower and garden again when we can.

We headed to SSE, and it was walk on as it was later in the day, and well Food and Wine...

This time, the screen in our car actually worked, and my wife being a clown, chose Spanish, so it was definitely a fun ride through time!

I grabbed some photos of the Mural before we got on the ride, and in refurbs you never know.. i love this thing so much so i hope it stays.


After this is where the plans took a change a bit....

The plan was to stay to close to say goodbye to illuminations, however, as we got of SSE, my wife was looking at the app quite heavily, so when i asked she made a proposition.

I was maybe 5:30 at the time, so there was still a ton of night left. She asked since we had done everything we wanted to besides soarin, and we had seen illuminations many many times over the years, if we could go to Hollywood, and had made me a reservation already to build a Droid!!

I was in! As much as i love EPCOT, and Illuminations, as it was the first Disney nighttime spectacular i ever saw, i was OK with missing it as we had not seen Toy Story Land and of course had not seen Galaxy's Edge.

I was super excited, as we had decided going there wasn't something wed fit in in our 2 park days, but after all we would have almost 4 hours there!

We made a quick stop at the Smoking section by the buses, to make a plan for what we wanted to get done.

My Reservation for the Droid Depot was for 8pm, so we would have a couple hours before that to wander the park.

We decided, to just focus on Toy Story Land, And Galaxy's Edge, we didn't even bother with any other bits of the park we didn't have to walk through to get there.

Once the plan was together, we went to wait for a bus.

To our surprise, one marked as going to DHS, pulled up seconds later, and only 4 of us were on it.

The bus ride over is a story for another post, and so is our Trip to DHS to close out our park days.

Stay tuned for where the night will lead us!


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Alright! Day 2 of the Parks Night Trip to Hollywood Studios!

Well i cant start this without taking about the Bus Ride! let me start by saying... I have only heard stories about bus driver rumors, and "the bus driver told me this: i however had never experienced it.

This bus driver however changed that! The bus drivers name was Eric, and his tag says he hails from Greenville Ohio. Now im no a stalker, i collected this information so i could send Disney a note about how amazing he was.

From " rumors" or Galaxy edge expansion some day, to random facts i didn't even know, he performed like he had a bus full of people, and in reality there was 4. We were in stitches all the way from EPCOT to DHS. I kinda didn't want to get off the bus, but i had to go see an alien about a Droid, so i did. This may seem small, but it really made a great memory. We normally always et bad memories from the buses, shoved on like sardines, wait for 2 because of ECV and strollers etc, but this was a change, and it really meant something to us.

The time came, and we departed from the bus, headed for the main gate. Took a moment to admire the Skyliner zipping by over head. Really looking forward for the next trip to actually use this!


Bag check was not bad, and the park really was not that crowded.

Are you really in DHS without this shot?


Now as mentioned earlier, we had 2 things we wanted to do. Firstly Toy Story Land, and secondly Droid Depot and Night time photos of Galaxies edge, or at least that was what we wanted to get done.

We headed directly for Toy Story land, as it and Galaxies Edge were still in construction last march, so they were both new for us!

First up was Toy Story!


First up of course was a ride on Toy Story Mania! Its a tradition of each trip for us to get at least one. So we had to. I am horribly competitive, and once again, i came out on top! My wife didnt stand much of a chance of beating me this trip!


After we got of Toy Story Mania, We were kind of hungry, so as i kept watching the App for Slinky Dog wait times, we had time to kill before we intended to head over to Galaxies Edge, so we stopped at Woody's Lunchbox for Dinner.

My wife had the grilled cheese and i hate the Tots covered in Chili


I was really impressed with the quality and portions at Woody's. GO Disney on this one! Really well done! This really hit the spot!

After we sat and relaxed, got some water, and took a look at wait times, Slinky dog was still around 40 mins, and i didn't want to wait that alone, so we say Alien Swirling Saucers had a small maybe 10 minute wait, so we said " hey why not? "



I know people complain about attractions like this, but the joy i saw in Kids faces while we were on it, shows why this is important, and totally Disney. It was still a fun time for my wife and I, and a new experience for sure.

Now after this, we took a look at the time, and we still had some time before my reservation at Droid Depot, but we decided to wait on Slinky, and head to Galaxies Edge!!

Stay tuned for our first time on the Planet of Batuu!


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Finally had a chance to check out your TR. Looks like you guys had a good time!
Welcome to the Show! Thanks for the follow along! Im still amazed as i started to put this together, what we managed to get done in such a short amount of time. Heck even the drive down was most entertaining!


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Bright Suns! Bright Suns!

Next up we Landed successfully on the Planet of Batuu!

We did not have a plan at this point, really We were after two things.

1: lets get some pictures of the land to prove that we were actually there

2: Build a Droid!

With that said, we wandered around and got some photos.


I have to say the level of detail here is amazing! We wandered around, looked at any merchandise that was in different spots, and just
took in the land.



Then as we continued, the moment came! I was standing in the Presence of the Millennium Falcon!!

It was steaming ,and creaking, and was so real! I was pretty much in Geek Heaven at this point, and quite quite happy with our choice to come over to DHS, instead of staying at EPCOT.



As you can see i was pretty in love with the Falcon! Ive been a star wars fan for a long time, to the point, i have the original Trilogies soundtrack on Vinyl ( ok so i also have a soft spot for Vinyl )

It was really amazing. Standby was like 40 minutes, and i didn't have that kind of time before my Droid Depot appointment, so we headed over to the Droid Depot to see if we could get in early.

I dont have any photos of the actual building of it, but here is one i took of the actual finished product when we got back to the room


It really is a cool experience, and next time ill grab some accessories. For Disney prices, i didn't find this bad,. 106 "credits" after taxes. the transfer rate from American to the currency of Batuu was pretty fair after all!

After we came out, my wife's feet were getting to her, as it really had been a long day in the heat.

I wanted to get some night photos of the land, so she wanted to call home and check on the dogs and such, so she did that, and i wandered and took in a night in Batuu for a few minutes.

Here is one of my favorites


They really did not skimp on the Lighting package as Batuu is breathtaking at night for sure!

I wandered around a bit more, and met back up with my wife.

It was then we realized we had not got our daughter anything.. We had gotten her Fiance something but not her. So what does one get? A droid of course!

We were going to just get her another of the Jersey shirts, as she loves them, but in TN there isnt a lot of times you can wear a long sleeve, and she would get more use out of a droid, so back to the Droid Depot we went!

Where i had gone for a R series, we got her a B series.

I cant say this enough, but this really is a cool experience! Picking up your parts, putting it together, getting it programmed etc. They are Bluetooth too, so they interact with other things within Batuu. i wish i had more time, as id love to see what mine did throughout the land, but it did bleep and bloop all the way to the bus at the end of the night.

After this we checked wait times, and they were not all that bad. My wife said I could choose to try for Falcon, or Slinky Dog, as we were both getting pretty tired, and had a long drive home the next day, so we wanted to get out before the big fireworks rush to the busses.

Being who i am, i knew id have a better time on the next trip with my niece and nephew on Slinky so i decided id go head for Falcon!

I headed for the queue, and was immediately questioned about my home planet. I happened to have my Pizza Planet shirt on, so the queue CM wanted to know all about my planet. I responded with " well its rather delicious" at this point he knew i was not an Imperial Spy, and i could continue. I was warned i would have no transmissions from my home planet from this point on, and i was OK with this.

I headed through the queue, and realized there were only like 3 people in front of me. I was getting on the falcon!! It had been open for a few days, and i'm riding it!

Before you know it, i was chosen, assigned a flight crew, and handed my clearances.

I was to be an engineer.


We waited on the ship for maybe 5 minutes. I didn't even get to play Chess!!

We were then whisked off to the cockpit, and settled in!

The detail here was absolutely amazing! Spot on for sure!

Before we knew it we were jumping to Light Speed!


I think i did a pretty good job, and we had decent pilots, so we had a pretty good run. I was impressed myself with the ride. I had a variety of buttons to hit to keep the ship healthy, and felt that that was pretty immersive.

Sure i didn't pilot the falcon, but i still had a blast!

Upon Landing back on Batuu, ripped off by our "bosses" for what we managed to smuggle back, i headed back to find my wife.

I grabbed the droids from her, and we headed out through toy story land, and out to the main gates.

I didn't get any night time photos of Toy Story land, as i had a droid in each hand, but i have to say it really is beautiful at night. Next time ill make it a point to get them, as its absolutely beautiful!

We made it out front, she stopped for a smoke real quick, which gave me a chance to shut the droids off, as carrying two of them all the way from Batuu bleeping and blooping was getting a bit cumbersome.

We then headed to the bus stop, and before we knew it we were on our way back to POP!

The final night of any trip, is always bitter sweet no matter the length. This trip was short, but still we felt sad to leave, but happy to get home to see the doggos and to share all the candy and photos with friends and families.

We did some packing to make it easier in the morning to get everything to the car, and wound down a bit, and then it was off to bed... Morning would be here before we knew it, and into the car we would go to head back to reality.


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The day you leave disney, is never easy. Part of you wants to never leave, but a small part is happy to, so you can focus on the next one. For us that next one is already on the Horizon. The first night we were there, we called and used the bounceback offer!

We will be returning in July for my wife's birthday!

We will be taking my oldest Niece ( 17 at time of travel) and oldest Nephew ( 13 at time of travel) for their first ever trip to the World. For my wife and I. We will enjoy the over 200 days between us and next step on property making sure we account for everything, to give them what could be " the trip of a lifetime" and relish in the thoughts of watching the joy of seeing and experiencing the parks, and the Disney experience for the first time through their eyes.

With that said, Ill spin up a pre trip likely to get some ideas, and some general reports on the whole process for them!

The small part of us that was ready to go after a short time, was mostly focused on getting home to the doggos, and the fish. it was the first time we had ever left the youngest 2, and were not sure how they would do.

The GPS did the thing i hate, and took me through Atlanta! We hate going through Atlanta, as even if its not backed up, its still busy, and lots of extra traffic.

I did learn the exact exit to take me up through Tallahassee and back through Alabama, ( with a stop at whataburger of course ha!) for future ways back so we can avoid that.

We got back around 5:30 or so after a detour about 45 mins from home, as a train had derailed...

All i am going to say is the doggos missed us! We were greeted with full on kisses and dog hugs. I just laid on the bed, and let them have their way before i thought of unpacking. They did great, and all the fish survived and were well cared for too.
This short trip, really was a big test for the next few years of taking all the nieces and nephews and being gone for whole weeks.

We really did get alot done now that i look back at it, and had a blast. There was heat, there was no rain, and there were moments we just sat, but you know, i wouldnt change it for the world.... A hot day at the parks, is far better than any day in the office!
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