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10/25 - 10/30 (I know a little late)

Discussion in 'WDW Trip Reports' started by donaldduck1967, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. donaldduck1967

    donaldduck1967 Member

    Jul 7, 2001
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    October 25th - 30th

    I've never posted a trip report before and finally had time to write one up so here comes a real short one.

    We stayed in the Beach Club Villas and they were really nice. We did'nt do Animla Kingdom but the other 3 parks were empty, 5 minute wait max on everything and the weather was awsome 80's and it only rained once(one night while we were having dinner). My daughter,2 1/2, had a lot of fun and lucky me got to ride Dumbo not once, not twice but three times. Did Philharmagic for the first time and that was such a great show.

    Went to MGM, did the basic shows, Muppet 3d, Little Mermaid, Play House Disney (for the 1st time) they did a really good job with that one. Had lunch at Mama Melrose which was really good. Did'nt get to Fantasmic my daughter could'nt last.

    Epcot Food and Wine was good. Tasted some different Beer's. Hated most except for a German Wheat Beer.A little to buzzed for Mission Space so we skipped that.

    Now for the 2 highlights....

    Micke'y Not So Scary Halloween Party.

    Absolutely LOVED it. Well worth the money and can't wait to do it again. The Parade and fireworks were awsome. The entire park was open and EMPTY!!!! The only crowd we experienced was for the 8:00 parade. We stayed the entire time and had such a blast. Did a lot of Trick ot Treatin and got TONS of candy, The park was decorated ok. We were a little disappointed though. It had rained while we were having dinner at Liberty Tree and really wanted to see the Headless Horseman. But because the ground was wet they did'nt have hime ride, oh well mayvbe next time.

    Sea World

    Haven't been there in about 8 yrs or so and boy has it changed. This park was empty also. We spent the whole day there. When we rode Kraken it was about mid-day and there was NO line. They do such a great job with their exhibits I could'nt get over it neither could my daughter she kept saying "see fish see fish". We didnt get to see the Shamu show but we did see Shamu. We went into the stadium and she was in the main pool swimmig. My daughter kept going "see Shamu daddy, see Shamu.

    We had a really great time. The expression on my daughter's face every time she saw a character was priceless and although she wont remember it, it's something my wife and I will never forget.

    Some pice can be found here. Enjoy


    Sea World

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