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1 night stay Vs Express Tickets


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To the OP.. before you invest in a 2 day Express pass or change to a more expensive hotel just to get it for free. See how tall your son is and make sure he is tall enough to ride all the rides that the express pass works for and if he even has an interest in those rides. When we do Universal and want to keep costs down we stay at Cabana Bay which is much cheaper than the Deluxes and then just cough up the money for 1 days express pass. We then target the rides that are most crowded on that day we have the express pass and the other time we are there will just use the normal stand by line. The reality is Express pass doesn't always give you a hug advantage because on some rides the lines aren't that long, though on a few rides it is worth it but unless you want to do the rides over and over you can usually hit the major long ride lines on a single day.
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