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0bn0xi0us Posting Stylez II - 4 teh lulz

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It's BullS***. Never been popular in Japan ever. That in particular wasn't even made in Japan, made clear by the cheap stereotypical and overtly stupid animation.

Just viral youtube crap that annoying a$$ teenagers who watch Naruto and Bleach and call themselves otaku watch. Posers, who have no sense of decency and respect. They just favorite videos, grow up, go to college, forget about it and get into crummy alternative grunge music.

It's crap like that and kids who can get right the he// out of my hobby give it a bad name.

It's the freakin' kids who run around in cat ears and Naruto headbands that like that particular video.

S'why I hate being known as "The Anime Guy" around here, when all the reasons I love Anime is because of Great Storytelling, Funny Comedy, the art of Animation and style, and above all stories that make you think and challenge preconceived notions and make you see the world from a different angle. But instead I get thrown in for explaining utter schlock.

Anyways, if I hear that dance I refuse to call by name mentioned again I'll snap and chop your heads off with axes.

All the best,



Yes, I am saying that I am obnoxious. My own point was lost in my own deluge of negativity about negativity...

Not liking Tr0norail =

-hating change
-want wdw shrink wrapped and never want anything to change
-hate baby jeebus
-kicks puggles
-eats kittens
-everyone on wdwmagic sucks cause they dont agree on your views of the tr0nofail
-tasers pandas
-punch babies in the face
-you Hate america, and Canada... and Guam
-want to rip off the head of the CoP grandma animitronic... and eat it in front of a crying Marty Sklar

Have I missed anything? Feel free to add to this.


That is all.

It was recently announced that there will be a Disney Park character DLC for Sonic and Sgea All Stars Racing.

Dr. Seeker, from CTX, will be riding the Time Rover. His all star move will be going time traveling a few minutes ago and prevent anyone in 1st place from getting ahead.

Dreamfinder and Figment will be a tag team. Their vehicle will be a smaller version of the blimp/vacuum from the original attraction. Their all star move will be creating new road to get ahead to 1st place.

True story.

Not liking Tr0noFail overlay/paint job / stickers / whatever =

-Your a dirty Stich lover... but deny it [but your still a dirty !]

-You secretly LOVED the WAND.. but deny it. [we know you climbed & mounted it at night when the park was closed]

-You would LOVE to live under the BAH... but deny it.

-You pick on little girls in meet & greet lines.

-You take fat people's ECVs and 'ghost ride' them into world showcase lagoon

-You take mickey premium bars from children.. and laugh maniacally as you run away.

-Are generally a bad person.. and should go to hell.. but you are proabally going there anyway, Stich lover!

Did I forget anything? Please feel free to add to this.

This thread smells of warm pump.

Not liking the Tronorail means you support the terrorists.

Mr Pickle doesn't like it when you talk about his kin folk.

Nah.. the gifs no happen

SGT doesn't allow hotlinking. Now THAT"S obnoxious.


I <3 billboardz!11!!111111!1111!1


˙ɐuɐuɐq ʎllıs ɐ ǝɹɐ 'ɹıs 'noʎ

i prefer my new sig :)

That sounds like a person I'm not sure if I want to meet...

Why the h8 & teh desyre 2 remoove teh Morocco landz of fEz hats and copper pl8z??/?/?/???//

Itz a bootiful pavilion, and itz 1 of the moust underloved in ALL of Wurld Shoacase1!!1!1!


U didnt jest dizzed Morokko, did U?!!??!?!???

May teh Kamel Kurse infict U, hareatic!!!!

Tanks 4 postin :wave::wave: :kiss: :wave::wave:

Martian Crab

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OMG I'm going to THE WORLD in 2013 should I make RESSIES now??? I can't decide between 'Ohana or Boma :shrug:...SOME PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID :pTHEY THINK IT'S O'HANA IT ISN'T IRISH FOOD YOU STUPID PEOPLE IT'S POLYNESIAN FOOD


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OMG I'm going to THE WORLD in 2013 should I make RESSIES now??? I can't decide between 'Ohana or Boma :shrug:...SOME PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID :pTHEY THINK IT'S O'HANA IT ISN'T IRISH FOOD YOU STUPID PEOPLE IT'S POLYNESIAN FOOD

I got a ressie at Obama's at the Poly. :sohappy:
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