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“Specialty” Drink Served without Souvenir Cups?


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I notice several table service restaurant menus have a “Non-Alcoholic” drink section with “specialty” drinks, which appears to me to just be juice and lemonade. They all are quite pricey and say that they are served in souvenir cups. Will they serve these drinks without the souvenir cups? I have the dining plan so I get a beverage with meals, but I’m not a big soda drinker, I’m under 21, and I don’t just want water at my meals when I’ll be drinking it all day anyway. I’d like to be able to get these “specialty” drinks without the souvenir cups so they will be included with my dining plan credit. Thanks!

Think Tink

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I'm honestly not sure but I would ask the waiter or waitress. I have heard mixed answers when talking about Ohana's drink served in a pineapple. My guess is that there isn't a set policy so it could go either way depending on who is serving.


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I think Tink is right its possible but may depend on the server. Also remember those won't be refillable like regular soda is.


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It has been written about on other sites that the service was handled differently in the restaurants, that some places have served them in non souvenir cups, others havent. Get it cleared up by your server when they ask to take your drink order.
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