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Trip Report “Excuse me ma’am, can you put your phone away? Snow White doesn’t like apples” March 2019

Captain Barbossa

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Frozen continued


After Frozen, we looked at the prints that Larry had for sell. He wasn’t there yet but would be later. We picked out the ones we wanted to get but would come back when Larry was there so he could sign them.

I was ready for some breakfast, so Kringla Bakeri was up next. (hadn’t been there in 10 years)

Chocolate Kringla
This was really really good! It was sweet but not too sweet. They have a cinnamon version as well that also looked very good. I thought the actual bread part was the best. L just got a cup of coffee.

We sat down for a little bit then headed back to Future World.

Beet or radish? :hilarious:


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Captain Barbossa

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EPCOT continued

The rain was beginning to pick up.

Our first FP of the day was for TT, but obviously it was down due to the rain, so we decided to hit up Mission: Space.


After Mission: Space, we headed towards FW West. We still had about 30mins until our LwtL FP, so we decided to go kill some time at the Seas.


We must’ve stopped in Innoventions for some random reason along the way.
It still aggravates me that the Sum of all Thrills is visible and appears to still be intact. I absolutely loved this ride. Idk why they can’t open it back up, especially when EPCOT could use more things for guests to do.

I think this is really cool. It’s made up entirely by waste from the ocean that has washed up ashore. It was also promoting the new Disneynature film, Penguins. I really want to see it!

Made it to the Seas.

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EPCOT continued
<quote snippage>
We must’ve stopped in Innoventions for some random reason along the way.
View attachment 368426
It still aggravates me that the Sum of all Thrills is visible and appears to still be intact. I absolutely loved this ride. Idk why they can’t open it back up, especially when EPCOT could use more things for guests to do.
It was my understanding that there was a licensing deal that went away and never renewed. note the Harry Potter ride thru Hogwarts uses the same robotics system. dunno if there was something going on between licensing of tech.
I agree why shut down SoaT and just leave it sitting there. Easy enough to just go ahead and run it unless there is some licensing issues. IDK.


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Those were some clear photos of fish, etc., in the tank. I would have thought that with the somewhat low lighting in the area, they might not come out that sharp. Great pictures! :happy:

Captain Barbossa

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Finishing up the Seas


Our FP window had opened up, so we headed to the Land.

5 minutes after I took this picture of the famous carpet wall, I checked WDWMagic while waiting in line for LwtL and saw that it had just been announced that Awesome Planet was coming to the Harvest Theater. What a coincidence!

Please excuse my crappy pictures of the crocodiles.


Can anyone spot the hidden Mickey?

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Captain Barbossa

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EPCOT continued

There was a short wait for the Gran Fiesta Tour, so we jumped in line.

There was a family ahead of us that had 2 little boys. As the line was moving, one of the boys stopped dead in his tracks and yacked everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It was horrible. I felt bad for the kid because he was embarrassed and his mother was borderline aggressively yelling at him for throwing up. Idk why she was angry with him because it was clear that the kid was sick and couldn’t help it. She was still chewing him out when we got off.




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Captain Barbossa

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EPCOT continued


We soon arrived at our destination.

I went ahead and checked us in. It was 1:05, but our ADR wasn’t until 1:20.


We only waited 5mins before the buzzer went off. (Woohoo! 10mins early!) We were seated outside, but luckily they had the area covered and there were also plenty of heat lamps. (It was cold and the rain had started again)

The view from our table.

This was the first time that either of us had eaten at R&C.

I felt like I could’ve gone for something hot to drink, like coffee or tea, but just went with water. L got some sort of hard cider.

What should we order?

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Captain Barbossa

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R&C continued

After much deliberation, I ended up sticking with my original plan and ordered the Shepherd’s Pie, and so did L.
After reading mixed reviews, I was a little skeptical, but I’m glad to report that both L and I thought it was very good!

The cheese topping was interesting, but everything else was good. Once you get passed the mashed potatoes, the beef and vegetables are almost soup like. The texture and consistency reminded me of chili. The portion was also bigger than I expected. Though the diameter of the bowl wasn’t huge, the bowl itself was deep and held a lot.

L had to go inside to use the restroom and when she came back she told me to be glad that we weren’t seated inside because the dining area was small and it was very noisy from all the people who were there for the pub.

Overall, we enjoyed our food and definitely plan on paying R&C another visit in the future.

After lunch, we made our way around WS.

I hadn’t noticed this hidden Mickey before.


We stopped for some PP pictures in Italy.


Greetings from China!


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