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“Best Spot” for FOF parade with a toddler?


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Hi everyone! We’re heading down in April with our 2.5 year old daughter. She’s a little cautious with the one on one interactions with characters so we’re thinking the parade would be something enjoyable for her - seeing them from afar. I haven’t watched a parade there in years and never with a toddler. Is there a place that is ideal to stake out for our viewing? Thanks!


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We really like picking a spot either right at the beginning of the parade or at the end of Main Street so we catch the end. I've found both spots to be easier to get a spot without having to wait for long periods of time and the characters seem a little more lively right at the beginning and right at the end.

Your little one might also like the Dance Parties! My friend just got back with her 2 year old who was super nervous with the character meet and greets (even with Minnie and she's OBSESSED), but she said that she did great at the Disney Junior Dance Party and at a dance party at AK because it seemed to take the pressure off. She could dance with the characters if she wanted or she could walk away.


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When our daughter was just about 3, we happened to be running behind and ate a later than planned lunch at Columbia Harbor House, and walked out right before the parade started and it was perfect. We got a front row spot right by Liberty Square Market and it wasn't badly crowded at all. Last year we went by Frontierland by the candy shop which also wasn't badly crowded, and had the added benefit of easily getting snacks while waiting. There can also be good amounts of shade over that way too.


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We really love the area in Frontierland by Aloha Isle. You can grab an ice cream to watch with, plus the kids can stay in their strollers.

And the parades can be pretty slow, so it's nice to see it and still have time to take advantage of a low line or two at the rides while everyone at the Hub is still waiting for the parade to finish

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