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    News Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine to possibly impact the theme parks this weekend

    Well the storm didn’t hit Orlando but we got stuck in Florida a couple extra days due to the TS flooding in Houston. Couldn’t fly home when airport is under water. Dodge one storm get involved in another sorta.
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    News Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine to possibly impact the theme parks this weekend

    We land at a MCO Sunday at 11:30. Hope the flight doesn’t get delayed. The parks I’m not worried about.
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    When will Galaxys Edge have Fast Pass?

    This whole thread is hilarious. mmcclory324 starts this thread asking a question gets an answer and then straight blasts anyone that disagrees with him/her. Jeez. 🤦‍♂️.
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    September 2019

    Family and I will be at MNSSHP On the 17th
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    MNNSHP Merch?

    Have they not announced any merchandise for this years parties or have I just missed it and can’t find it? The first one is Friday and still nothing.
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    Giving up disney passes for universal?

    I think Uni is Waaaaaayyyy more relaxing
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    Drunkest Day at Disney

    I had to log in for this one. That’s hilarious
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    Not Disney...but will probably impact Disney

    People will use any stepping stone for money now days. Yeah feel for the family the guy died but you can’t tell me he came to a THEME PARK and rode THRILL RIDES knowing he had a heart condition and still blame it on the park. Um no. Those warnings are on every ride in every park across the...
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    Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

    I agree but cousin didn’t even reali i agree. I can’t answer to when my cousin first noticed or even said anything as he is 13. But my uncle told me when my cousin got out of shower that morning he noticed all the bumps on his back and arms. Tore the sheets off and inspected them and...
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    Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

    Whole family was only there 1 night. Uncle complained when we were checking out and were pretty much given the runaround. Was given number and email to general manager. Called and emailed with no response.
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    Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

    Cousin got bed bugs at POR in August. Disney acted like they weren’t responsible and it wasn’t a big deal.
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    Disney in January 2019

    Best week of the year in my opinion. Especially if it rains and y’all bring rain jackets. Parks EMPTY quick from their already low crowds. Low being relative to rest of the year.
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    First week of December '19 Trip Thoughts

    Yeah we aren’t strangers to Disney or the Halloween parties. We spend about a month a year in Disney from Texas.
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    First week of December '19 Trip Thoughts

    Like the title states. Were thinking about doing a trip around the first week of December late November to do a Christmas Party. We normally do a Halloween Party every year but want to change it up for something new. I'm actually having second thoughts due to the opening of SWGE. I expect the...
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    Disneyland Hotels

    Those maps are now gone when I click on link. And I just looked at them when you posted the other day. Wow. They were really helpful
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    Disneyland Hotels

    Well we are talking a fly in Sunday fly home Friday trip with Disneyland 2 days and 2 days elsewhere. By we I’m speaking of my wife, our 9yr old son, and wife’s brother. The hotel will be just somewhere to sleep and relax. offsite is the more appealing strictly for pricing but at the same...
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    Disneyland Hotels

    those maps are very helpful also. Thank you DisneyJoe.
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    Disneyland Hotels

    The family and I are thinking about making our first trip to DL as we have been going to DW 3 times a year for the last 3 years. We want to do something different. Question I have is about where to stay. I’ve been told to stay off site and I’ve been told to stay onsite. I like the idea of...
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    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    I’m simple. No picture, just 5 days. Be there Thursday at noonish
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    Hulk and Rip Ride Rockit rollercoasters

    I've road it at night. Waited there on my last night of our past trip for the rain to move out. Rode it 5 times in less than 20 minutes. On off on off on off
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