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    Trip Report First Time Back in 8 Years!

    Well, we just got back from our 4th trip to WDW (other times being in 2006, 2008 and 2010), and this being a special treat (my father had mentioned my wife, daughter and I go back with money from some of the train collection we sold after he passed), I have to say that with only a few things...
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    Disney Train Set still available?

    Hi there! Besides introducing myself in the other forum, this is my first post here! My wife, daughter and I are going back to WDW in 26 days, first time in 8 years! This time will be bittersweet, as my father passed away in January, and my Mom had said one of his requests was that some of...
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    Hi there! I've been a Walt Disney World and Disney fan all my life, but just found this forum! My wife, daughter and I have been to WDW 3 times previously, and we're going again in 26 days (first time back in 8 years!!!) Then, my daughter goes back for her senior high school trip next year...
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