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  1. michmickey

    Poll: best queue?

    I love the queue for Peter Pan, being able to walk through the Darling house is super cool and I love the interactive features. The shadow wall is insanely cool! However, Everest is a close second because I love being able to put together the stories and seeing all the gear.
  2. michmickey

    Christmas Party Attire

    Plenty of people wear christmas pajamas, its a super cute and fun little thing and funny for pictures. Of course those people won't typically wear them to bed after a day at the park. But, Disney is one of the few places you can wear fun christmas pjs in public without being judged.
  3. michmickey

    Coins in water rides and ride queue

    Does Disney collect the coins from water rides like Small World and ride queues like Everest? I assume they do at some point or the amount would build up to much. What do they do with them? Donate them?
  4. michmickey

    WDW Favorite Attraction Poll #1-Seven Dwarf Mine Train VS Space Mountain

    Space Mountain is definitely my pick, more of a thrill factor, I love the concept, and I love how jerky it is.
  5. michmickey

    Paperboy in SSE

    Perhaps the animatronic got damaged and they didn't want to replace it or they turned him around so he would be facing the "street" because the printing press seems to be in an alley.
  6. michmickey

    Poor Figment

    I don't Figment is going anywhere but I do agree that the ride needs some more magic put into it. It seems a tad run down and altogether a lacks some imagination. Would love to see some updates and new features added to help bring Figment back to life.
  7. michmickey

    Worst Universal Orlando Ride? (Poll)

    that would help immersion 100%
  8. michmickey

    Worst Universal Orlando Ride? (Poll)

    I read that Minion Mayhem was supposed to be on here rather than ET so I'm going with that. We waited in a 2 hour line when it was new and when we finally got to see it we were severely disappointed. When we saw it was a simulator ride we were expecting a spiderman-esque ride vehicle with...
  9. michmickey

    Favorite resorts to go resort hopping at?

    My mom and I are going on a trip soon and we have a free day that we want to go resort hopping and check them out. What are your favorite resorts to just visit and what kinds of things should we check out?
  10. michmickey

    What resort do you think you'll never stay at?

    Probably Old Key West, just because I don't love the theming and I'm not a fan of how they decorated the rooms.
  11. michmickey

    Fiber optic sidewalk

    I'll miss the lights on the sidewalk, I always felt like it was pixie dust on the ground and was giving me a bit of magic before I went home. I hope they can incorporate them somewhere else in the parks.
  12. michmickey

    What do you use reuse your popcorn buckets for?

    Funny enough I use them as large cups/water bottles for sports practices. Not super efficient but good for when you are out of large bottles.
  13. michmickey

    Disney Lover!!!

    Welcome! I was a new member a few weeks ago and this a great place to learn more all about Disney!
  14. michmickey

    Talking stormtroopers

    That's a really good question, I heard that their hand movements(?) had something to do with line they say but, I'm not sure how they remember all of them and are able to pick out the "right" one so quickly.
  15. michmickey


    I collect pins of course! I also have a small collection of tsum tsums and minnie ears. I would love to start collecting snow globes though, but they take up a lot of space.
  16. michmickey

    Little Mermaid Live

    It seems like the Live Shows are often flops, they always come across as pretty bland and lackluster in the voice department. They use celebrities to get people excited but those celebrities don't often feel like the right choices.
  17. michmickey

    Anyone else miss Sum of All Thrills?

    While technically not really a ride, in my opinion it was a great simulator experience. I love getting to create my own ride and being able to simulate riding on it. I miss it! Anyone else? Although, one of the downfalls was how long it took to wait in line. Could you see Disney doing a larger...
  18. michmickey

    Old Ladies & Minnie Ears

    You can be any age and wear Mickey ears! Disney is one of the few places where you won't be judged for outgoing style because so many people go all out. Ears are a great way to express yourself especially if you want to be comfortable all day and not worry about stylish clothing. There are so...
  19. michmickey

    Favorite Direct to DVD Disney Sequel/Prequel

    hahah! I forgot about that scene lol the way he just yeets himself out of the window is amazing
  20. michmickey

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    Can't wait for this attraction! Gonna bring some new life to EPCOT and draw more people into the world showcase!
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