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    MNNSHP Merch?

    Have they not announced any merchandise for this years parties or have I just missed it and can’t find it? The first one is Friday and still nothing.
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    First week of December '19 Trip Thoughts

    Like the title states. Were thinking about doing a trip around the first week of December late November to do a Christmas Party. We normally do a Halloween Party every year but want to change it up for something new. I'm actually having second thoughts due to the opening of SWGE. I expect the...
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    Disneyland Hotels

    The family and I are thinking about making our first trip to DL as we have been going to DW 3 times a year for the last 3 years. We want to do something different. Question I have is about where to stay. I’ve been told to stay off site and I’ve been told to stay onsite. I like the idea of...
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    Disney Springs to Magic Kingdom

    Family and I will be attending one of the MNSSHP in September and are staying off sight. We plan to spend the day at DS and then head to magic kingdom. I'm thinking take the boat to French quarter and then bus to magic kingdom. But I cant remember if you have to be staying at a resort for this...
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    Character warehouse Vineland area question

    In two weeks the family and I will be back down and I plan on going to the Vineland character warehouse. I also really want to take one of the helicopter tours. There is International Heli Tours right down the road from the outlets. Question is, can you walk around that area or is it better to...
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    Coronado Springs thoughts

    Family has always stayed at POR every trip, but thinking about switching up for a change. What's everyone's opinions? Food, rooms, transportation timing, just overall experience.
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    Any reviews on Paddlefish. Ate there when it was Fulton’s but haven’t since the redo. Made reservations for our trip in May. Hoping is as good as Fulton’s was.
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    Disney stores

    The family and I are going back to the world in May and for once we plan to drive. We’re going to be arriving on a Sunday early a.m. with nothing planned for the rest of day. I know there are 2 different Disney shops, one being the character warehouse and I’m not sure about the other. What...
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    I said I wasn’t going to do this

    but just booked our 2018 trip. But we are only doing 2 days and 2 days at Universal. Wife’s family wanted to go and so did wife for our anniversary so we’re headed there in May. Should be hot and fun as always.
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    Trip Report A trip of Firsts.

    Our group just got back yesterday from our Disney trip and as always had an amazing time. Our group consisted of myself, wife and son along with the wife's mom,dad,brother and cousin. The dad, brother and cousin had never been to Disney nor flown before. Needless to say they had a great trip...
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    Magic Band question

    So was just killing some time at work looking on eBay, and saw some Magic Bands that I've never seen before. Are these legit magicbands or just a decorative piece? Do they actually work?
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    Universal Payment?

    Is Universal like Disney where you can pay it out as you go up until month before your trip. The last 2 times family has gone we just paid it all in full at once. I'm wanting to book a trip in May so curious if can do it now or wait till I have the full amount saved up. Need a Universal trip...
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday edition

    Saw a video from 2015 of HM over Christmas holidays with a jack skellington theme at DL. Does WDW ever do this? I'm a NBC nut and would absolutely love to see this attraction in this style one day.
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