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  1. WDW_Princess24

    The Dream That You Wish Will Come True : A February Engagement TR

    Hi lovies! I am so happy to finally be getting to this TR and share this story with you all! Prior to this trip my than boyfriend and I took our last trip to WDW in November 2012 for my birthday. I had hoped the entire trip we would get engaged than but sadly, it didn't happen. The day we left...
  2. WDW_Princess24

    Fulton's & Coral Reef

    Hi All, looking at these two restaurants for my August trip. Would love to hear feedback if you have been to either or both! Thanks! :D
  3. WDW_Princess24

    Mickey's Very Merry Thanksgiving Birthday Party

    Hi all! For those of you who may have forgotten, and for those who never knew in the first place (haha), I am Nicole; NJ School Counselor and Disney obsesser. I use to frequent these boards daily but since this trip was MIA for some time, although that seems to be the case with a few of us on...
  4. WDW_Princess24

    The "I don't have a clever name for my trip report" trip report!

    Hi everyone!! First I have to apologize for my late posting; I wanted to get this bad boy up and running a long time ago but with the school year starting up things have just been bananas. I think we took almost 3,000 pictures on this quick trip, I obviously won’t be posting them all. I am by no...
  5. WDW_Princess24

    In room celebrations

    Headed to WDW on the 9the for a long weekend to celebrate my boyfriends birthday. I would like to have a little surprise for him and was wondering if anyone has ever done an in room celebration before? Any feedback or suggestions would be great!
  6. WDW_Princess24

    Oh there you are Perry: A Sept/Oct 2011 TR

    It is so hard to believe that this time a week ago I was still running around Main Street USA but alas, it is back to reality, for the next 407 days :fork: I'll stop my pity party and get right down to reliving the magic! The Who: :wave: Here we are! Our cast is made of of...
  7. WDW_Princess24

    An April 2011 Trip Report!!

    So here we are again, about to embark on another magical trip to "the world" so let's get right to it!! The Cast: Me (obviously) and my DBF Ryan. We will also have a few special appearances from other members of my family! When: April 15 - 24 2011 Where: Pop Century Resort Why: Well...
  8. WDW_Princess24

    24 Rescued from ride at DCA

  9. WDW_Princess24

    I have a crazy idea...

    Here we go for round two! For those who have not read my first trip report, I am currently playing catch-up on my past three trips in preparation for my next trip in September. So let's stop wasting time and get right to it! You may be asking yourself what the crazy idea was..well, in July...
  10. WDW_Princess24

    My Very First Trip Report

    Recently I have spent so much time on the boards being sucked in to everyone's trip reports (HollyBelle and Figment esp!), So I figured it was about time I made one of my own. I will be traveling to the world in 69 short days but instead of starting with my pre-trip report for that I would...
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