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  1. the-reason14

    Is Disneyland Paris better than the parks at WDW?

    Disneyland Paris is a very beautiful park. Without a doubt I would say it is the most beautiful castle park out of all of them. The attraction count is limited compared to the original Disneyland and even the Magic Kingdom but I will say if you can go you should definitely not pass up the...
  2. the-reason14

    Rumor Cinderella Castle turning rose gold for the 50th

    I personally wouldn’t mind a temporary redecoration of the castle for the 50th. Just as long as it holds no resemblance to the abomination that was the 25th pepto bismal birthday hallucination. If they can decorate it for Disneyland’s 50th and make it look nice then I feel they can do the same...
  3. the-reason14

    Hong Kong Disneyland E ticket??

    That’s what I thought. Thank you.
  4. the-reason14

    Hong Kong Disneyland E ticket??

    This will be my first trip to Hong Kong and HKDL. I'm still a little unsure about the E tickets. It looks as if you can just use your phone to scan it and when you get to the park they will print out a ticket for you, is this correct? Disneyland Paris I had to physically print out the ticket and...
  5. the-reason14

    News Talking Mickey to leave Magic Kingdom

    How disappointing. I've never met talking Mickey, or even mute Mickey since I was a little kid. But if he continued to talk and really talk to you and not those pre-programmed phrases, I would have seen him one day.
  6. the-reason14

    Who has an instagram?

    Better late than never. Just started my instagram a few months ago. Follow me for traveling pics, random pics, I be bored pics, and of course......Disney pics!!! Yay!! gsquared1989
  7. the-reason14

    Rumor Tower of Terror to gain new theme?

    While Tower in TDS is amazing and possibly the best themed ToT out there, I would not want to see the store make it's way over to mgm. There is so much rich detail on and in Tokyo's tower that I don't think would be brought over, and I enjoy the Twilight Zone theme. This isn't the first time...
  8. the-reason14

    How strict are the CMs in TDL and TDS about filming

    I noticed they were very strict with taking videos or pictures, but also to take your backpacks off before you get to the loading gate. They have a lot of extra CMs around the park in general, more than I've seen at any other Disney parks. The type of extra CMs you see in WDW that are there for...
  9. the-reason14

    Excavator Coaster Coming to Dinoland U.S.A.?

    I didn't get to ride it in Paris because it was close, but the raging spirits at Tokyo Disney Sea is essentially the same thing from my understanding and I had heard how rough these type of coasters were but it wasn't rough at all. I think if they were to bring this to the area it would be an...
  10. the-reason14

    [RUMOR] Imagination's potential replacement?

    For me, what I missed the most is being able to spend so much time there. I miss the whole pavilion concept, where you could ride a ride then go explore other things in the same building pertaining to that ride's theme. Personally I don't think the original imagination was as amazing as people...
  11. the-reason14

    A War on Audio-Animatronics?

    I agree but disagree. If it's about being fully immersed, then ya a screen can do that. If it is done properly. However, there is nothing more amazing then riding through a scene that is chock full of amazing AAs such as Pirates, SSE, Mansion. What I've discovered is after the novelty wears off...
  12. the-reason14

    Trip Report Back home to the World after traveling the world to other Disney's

    I haven't uploaded a Youtube video in the longest, sorry it's not working for you. There used to be a way to simply click the link but now it adds the video directly to the post. What does it say when you try to watch it?
  13. the-reason14

    Trip Report Back home to the World after traveling the world to other Disney's

    Thank you. I tried fixing the link for people to be able to watch on YouTube. It's unlisted which is why it probably didn't originally work. Give it another try and let me know if it works. Thanks for reading.
  14. the-reason14

    Trip Report Back home to the World after traveling the world to other Disney's

    So for starters, this was my first trip back to the World in over a year. Years ago me and my dad were annual pass holders from 2004 to about 2012, but stopped once they started to “update and improve” the fast pass system. And we went every year in the 90s, so for me Disney World has always...
  15. the-reason14

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    I just don't understand why they couldn't put this elsewhere. Yes Mickey deserves a ride, but why get rid of GMR. This is frustrating and upsetting but a little exciting at the same time.
  16. the-reason14

    The Redhead is changing....

    Sorry, have to chime in here...... First off, can you imagine decades and decades from now, decades away as long as POTC has existed today, hypothetically assuming WDW and every Disney resort still exists, but can you imagine kids of the future researching the original scene and being surprised...
  17. the-reason14

    PotC Hidden Skull?

    While I find it hard to believe that anyone will disagree with you, I think that the cliff notes version of Potc at MK is just fine. It wouldn't hurt them to add more detail if space allows, but I feel like even though the MK version is technically the "worse" when it comes to ride time and...
  18. the-reason14

    Paint The Night or Electrical Parade

    I'm sure I replied to this thread awhile ago, but it's a new year and a new day and since PTN is currently not playing in DL, I wouldn't mind seeing it in WDW. Whether it's in MK or mgm, not sure. I think I would like to see it at MK just because it was in DL's "castle park" but what I'd really...
  19. the-reason14

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    No. The DL version of splash is incoherent in comparison to the WDW one. The story is not as clear, and you move by the scenes too quickly to appreciate that there are more AAs in the DL version. How anyone can think the DL version of splash is better is beyond me, but to each their own. I'm one...
  20. the-reason14

    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    So glad to hear this news!! Wishes was great when it first premiered, up until maybe 2007, then it just got stale. After I saw Disneyland's offerings "Magical," and then "Disneyland Forever," wishes just wouldn't do it for me. I hope that this new show is as good as a show at Disneyland, either...
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