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  1. NoChesterHester

    NYE @ Hollywood Studios

    Well I’m either mad or have the patience of Job. We are going to be in Orlando during the holiday period and decided to do one day at Disney, on New Year’s Eve. We are regulars... anyone done Hollywood Studios on NYE before? Any ideas on what to expect? Any tips for survival? Also, anyone...
  2. NoChesterHester

    Electrical Light Parade Replacement?

    I didn't see this posted yet, but according to Instagram Owl City is working on Disney's New Electrical Parade. Is a worthy replacement for MSEP finally on the way? https://instagram.com/p/0o_BiwAWY1/
  3. NoChesterHester

    New Pirates Adventure like the old Kim Possible?

    I stumbled across this and didn't see it posted here yet: http://www.wdwfanboys.com/blog/new-immersive-pirates-experience-coming-to-adventureland/ Sounds far more interesting to me then SotMK. This is the kind of environmental interaction activities I really enjoy. It could add to the...
  4. NoChesterHester

    DTD Expansion

    New post on Disney Gossip about the "planned" expansion of Downtown Disney. http://www.disneygossip.com/2012/04/major-changes-planned-for-downtown.html?m=1 Aligns pretty close with what Martin has been telling us. No mention however of transportation (trolley or otherwise). Also, the...
  5. NoChesterHester

    Stitch attracting a redo?

    Rumors on Twitter seem to point to a 2013 redo of Stitch's Great Escape. What say you?
  6. NoChesterHester

    the former... Sounds Dangerous / Monster Sound?

    New Years has passed. The Comedy Warehouse have gone. Martin Short, Chevy Chase, and Drew Carey all want to know if there is aNy word on what this prime location will become?
  7. NoChesterHester

    Jungle Cruise Work / Refurb?

    A notice of commencement has been filed for work on Jungle Cruise. Is this the long rumored refurbishment?
  8. NoChesterHester

    Cameron Spending Time At Disneyland

    http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/11/james-cameron-gets-further-inspiration-at-disneyland-resort/ More photo op "research." I do love the photos of Carsland. Looks fantastic. Interesting that Cars Land is "12 acres"... isnt that the mentioned size of Pandora at AK? I still...
  9. NoChesterHester

    All kinds of bananas

    Has anyone heard any rumblings of a refurb or updates to Living with the Land now that Chiquita is on board? I was at least hoping for a nice refresh.
  10. NoChesterHester

    TSI / Frontierland Addition

    Lee mentioned in the "Lucasland" thread that plans for a Frontierland expansion or attraction were much further along in development then any Studios expansion. At the request of Wizard I am creating a new thread for discussion on this topic. Thoughts? Does this rumor have credence? What are...
  11. NoChesterHester

    D23 Expo Announcements?

    At the last expo they announced FLE and Star Tours 2... I would have thought that the big reveal this time would be Shanghai, but that event has already occurred. Any early speculation as to what Parks and Resorts will save for the big expo audience? We will likely get more details and...
  12. NoChesterHester

    NextGen Launch?

    This morning "Theme Park One" tweeted the following: "Morning! WDW folks, something is in the works that will truly outshine the DLR. It's big, it's cutting edge, and it will change everything." "And it will launch with the new Fantasyland, but you can't ride it." I don't know anything...
  13. NoChesterHester

    Pirates Restaurant?

    I may get slammed for this, but I did a search and didn't find a discussion already related to it. This morning on Twitter someone posted that they heard rumblings that the El Pirata y El Perico refurb is intended to turn the often closed food service location into a Pirates of the Caribbean...
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