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  1. stitchcastle

    Are We Getting A 50th Nighttime Show for MK?

    The youtube channel Mickey Views just said that we're probably not getting a new nighttime spectucalr for the 50th because of how well received "Happily Ever After" was. Is this true!? If so I'm hugely disappointed since I was really hoping they would add the castle moat fountains from Paris and...
  2. stitchcastle

    A Modern Day Disneyland

    I've been thinking lately that so much of the Walt Disney Company and modern technology is so different and advanced now that it would be interesting to think up what a truly modern day new Magic Kingdom style park would look like. Not necessarily something that has to be completely...
  3. stitchcastle

    Team Odyssey, Tomorrowland

    alright we got some catching up to do. We need to come up with our version of Tomorrowland with a re-imagined Autopia. My suggestion for the re-imagined Autopia is to have it replace the Peoplemover and it instead of it having just its own track, have it weave through the entire land. We could...
  4. stitchcastle

    Chip & Dale's Imagineering Rangers - Project 3

    Project three guys, first come first serve on the attraction... CHALLENGE: Choose a ride and create a “Frightfully Fun” overlay for the Halloween Season! Criteria: -Original idea for overlay in Magic Kingdom (cannot use Haunted Mansion, Small World, or Space Mountain -Fits with story (if new...
  5. stitchcastle

    Magic Kingdom

    hello, I decided to put together a brand new Disneyland-style park. Here would be a quick overview of the attractions and lands that would grace this new park. Main Street U.S.A. - looking distinctly similar to the french version complete with the real red brick road, this version of mainstreet...
  6. stitchcastle

    An all-original Disneyland Park

    hello, I've decided to think up a new Disneyland MK-style park with no clones and nothing but new attractions that are nowhere to be found in any existing Disney park (this does however would include a few known unmade attractions, and a couple of the more iconic classic rides) Here is a quick...
  7. stitchcastle

    DCA Redo

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone here has any thoughts on how to "rescue" DCA's identity crisis and turn it into a park worthy of being adjacent to Disneyland? I'll post my ideas later.
  8. stitchcastle

    Location: Soarin' CM Name: Caryn

    Caryn is an angel in every sense of the word, I bless the day I met her
  9. stitchcastle

    Rapunzel: unbraided

    here's a look at the new princess (click the bue link)
  10. stitchcastle

    If Ariel and Eric were in Cinderellabration

    ...i bet they would have been wearing something similar to this or this
  11. stitchcastle

    A New Disneyland park from me.....

    I've decided to make a brand new version of the classic MK-style Disney park. There would be five lands all of which containng original attractions as well as some highly modified classics Mainstreet -The entrance to Mainstreet will still be a trainstation just like the classic mainstreets...
  12. stitchcastle

    It's official.....

    The Little Mermaid: Platinum Edition 2 Disc DVD comes out October 3, 2006. The first promo trailer will appear on the Cinderella DVD coming out next month... http://www.ultimatedisney.com
  13. stitchcastle

    New version of "Wishes" for MK

    First of all, this is based on my WDW expansion thread which should be around this board :D This is a new fireworks show that would follow the presentation of "Kingdom of Dreams" when it ends its year-long run. (information about both preview and complete versions Kingdom of Dreams can be read...
  14. stitchcastle

    An Updated List of my additions to Walt Disney World

    I just thought I'd recap all the additions/updates/changes I made to Walt Disney world :) as would be seen from the "guide to everything" brochure :D. Details on each addition and plenty more here: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=53038 **The Magic Kingdom** "Step Into A World...
  15. stitchcastle

    My new Magic Kingdom

    Ok i was bored and decided to take another crack at designing my own Magic Kingdom here are the lands and a peek at what they are about: Fantasyland = as usual this will be themed to a fairy tale village with all new dark rides and attractions. from the castle, the first area you will see...
  16. stitchcastle

    How would you guys feel if...

    ...in 5-5 they announce the construction of a 5th park? first of all, before the flames come burning in, I am purely asking a question on how you would feel as diehard WDW fans if this were announced, this is not a rumour or anything just a little survey of sorts. And to add to that, what are...
  17. stitchcastle

    Disney World Adventures

    Disney World Adventures will be a new interactive role-playing system that let's guests of the five parks of WDW set off on their very own adventure. the program has two main categories, the first is the Single park RP where guests are treated to speicific challenges during their stay at a...
  18. stitchcastle

    Disney's Fairy Tale

    I don't know where to put this since it's not necessarily a ride or atttraction but rather a new movie that i made up for WDFA although it could be a cute presentation at the Studios every night. the story is called Fairy Tale and it is loosely based on Wishes, Believe and Fantasmic...
  19. stitchcastle

    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Ok, so we all know that Cinderella is coming to DVD as a platinum edition this October. Now, the reason for this thread is because it has been stated that "The Disney Channel Circle of Stars" will be recording their version of "A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes" for the DVD. now who wants to...
  20. stitchcastle

    The Ultimate Magic Kingdom, An Imagineering Challenge

    Hello everybody what I have is a proposal for something where we can all pitch in and stretch out our inner imagineers to the fullest. Picture this: An endless budget to create the biggest and greatest Magic Kingdom- style park ever! :D you can contribute as many attractions as you want and...
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