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  1. Raineman

    What will Disney’s response be to Universals 4th gate?

    I agree that opinions can be wrong-it is easy for someone to correct someone else's opinion based on factual information. In the same vein, what some people can't seem to understand is that opinions aren't always fact-the only thing that is fact is the proven, factual information itself. This...
  2. Raineman

    What the heck is Dinoland U.S.A?

    The time I spend in DInoland always consists of: walking to Dinosaur, riding Dinosaur, then walking out of Dinoland. That's it.
  3. Raineman

    Remnants of former attractions

    That is one thing that most people should be able to agree on about Disney and their propensity to replace classic attractions with new attractions-they always have those Easter Egg type nods to the dearly departed.
  4. Raineman

    What do you call us???

    Just think, when this thread was started, Katiebug was probably just a teenager, complaining that she didn't get the magical experience she deserved at her local fair.
  5. Raineman

    Current WiFi Coverage & Quality In Parks & Resorts

    I will be there on Sunday, and I'll get my assistant to prepare the official report. :D
  6. Raineman

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    The road trip starts at 3:00 am tomorrow. The only good reason to get up that early is a trip to The Mouse.
  7. Raineman

    Current WiFi Coverage & Quality In Parks & Resorts

    I probably asked this question before my last trip but what is the quality of the WiFi in the parks and resorts now? The WiFi at POR was OK, kinda spotty and laggy, and I don't think I've ever really used the WiFi in any of the parks, so I don't have a baseline from previous visits. My phone is...
  8. Raineman

    Magic Kingdom Looks Its Age

    I think that's a point that does not come up often enough on here. How much of the $$ that WDW makes is funneled back into it, and how much is re-distributed to the "hallowed grounds" of DL? I'm not saying that lack of funds is the main cause of poor show at WDW, but it's gotta be a factor. WDW...
  9. Raineman

    I-75 Speed Limit Enforcement

    The constructions zones, at least from my limited experience on I-75, can be horrible. Last time I was heading south through Cincinnati, I-75 was a huge construction zone, speed limit of 45 through alot of it, and people were cranking by me doing 70. It was a little intense. Even under normal...
  10. Raineman

    I-75 Speed Limit Enforcement

    We have done the road trip from Ontario to WDW once before, 3 years ago. We will be undertaking our second trip this weekend. How strictly are the speed limits enforced on I-75? Coming from Canada, you can get away with driving up to 20 km/h over the limit without attracting any police...
  11. Raineman

    It Felt Like Epcot 94

    I'm sure the pre-closing exits occur more frequently during F&W.
  12. Raineman

    Disney Forums: A Reflection Of Society

    I know it was a bit of a meandering rant, but you did catch the point of post. And I agree with the social atmosphere that us in Western society are immersed in every day of our lives causes stress that will seep into every area of our lives, including things that we love and are passionate...
  13. Raineman

    That snap you heard? My camel's back is breaking!

    I would love to test that theory, and I really think that we would spend less, because having the DDP is kind of like vacationing at an all-inclusive resort-"I am free to have anything I want and any amount that I want, it's already paid for!" If I was paying for food OOP, I'd be more...
  14. Raineman

    That snap you heard? My camel's back is breaking!

    In three WDW vacations so far, we have always gotten the DDP, merely for the perceived "convenience". TBH, I am neither a proponent or a detractor of the DDP-my DW finds more value in it so,whatever, I know we'll be dropping a decent amount of $$ on food at WDW no matter what. I am curious...
  15. Raineman

    Disney Forums: A Reflection Of Society

    I find the Parks General Discussion & The News And Rumors boards to be the worst, whereas pretty much every other one I frequent is much more civil. And, I never have and never will venture into the political forums-if discussions about theme park ticket prices can get nasty, I don't even want...
  16. Raineman

    Disney Forums: A Reflection Of Society

    As I write this, I'm trying to make sure this isn't a reactionary post, but, TBH, it is somewhat. I joined WDW magic over 5 years ago, and, initially, I loved that I had found a place full of Disney theme park fans and a place where discussions could be had with others, including people with...
  17. Raineman

    Which Disney characters do you have a crush on?

    Not the character per se, but the character actors who portray her at DL and WDW-Tinkerbell. There is one at DL that I saw on YouTube a few years ago that is all sorts of beautiful, and played the part extremely well.
  18. Raineman

    The fallacy of overcrowded parks......

    The private event thing, that could not have been avoided by better planning on the visitor's part-that was dropped in people's laps at the last minute. But the SW:GE thing-Disney had originally planned to open at the end of this year, so alot of people booked for Dec-Jan-Feb so that they could...
  19. Raineman

    The fallacy of overcrowded parks......

    The only reason WDW would feel like a scam to anyone would be a situation where someone pays for a WDW trip with little to no knowledge of what is offered, when it is offered and how much it will cost for what is offered. Anyone that spends thousands of dollars on anything-trips, vehicles...
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