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  1. scorp16

    The Simpsons in Disney Parks

    What's your take on Song of the South?
  2. scorp16

    How much would you pay????

    Not a fan of the idea but.... You already have DDP that would cover the TS options. I'll address this by looking at it solely from a kiosk and beverage (alcoholic) perspective. And say: an add on of about $79.99 per person. That covers about 4 beverages and 6 snacks/kiosk offerings for...
  3. scorp16

    When will Disney finally build another resort in the United States if ever?

    . Maybe they're trying to build one in the UK (Soho)?
  4. scorp16

    WTH is going on with ADR's??

    Maybe I've been lucky. I generally show up about 15/20 minutes before my ADR time. Never really seem to have an issue. Sometimes I get seated early, other times maybe 10 minutes past the designated time.
  5. scorp16

    Are all pools heated?

    Find the one with the most kids. Water is guaranteed to be "warm".
  6. scorp16

    New Feature In the Parks NOW

    It beats the Disney app while waiting in queue. I'll be participating Thanksgiving weekend.
  7. scorp16

    "Skyway Set to Close" Nov 1999 (20 Years Ago)

    By that logic - very few threads here would make it to a second page.
  8. scorp16

    "Skyway Set to Close" Nov 1999 (20 Years Ago)

    Fat fingered it. "oi". Which ironically enough is a form of music.
  9. scorp16

    "Skyway Set to Close" Nov 1999 (20 Years Ago)

    ....And close to 20 years later - viola....we'll take another stab at it. At a larger scale. Things are cyclical.
  10. scorp16

    General political chat

    So, today was basically "I heard from a guy, that knows a guy, who overheard part of a conversation"? For a while there, I thought I was watching the "My Cousin Vinny" reboot. Was waiting for Schiff to ask Mr. Bow tie how long it took him to fry a grit.
  11. scorp16

    Disney's Policy On Public Singing - Forming A Flash Mob

    You must have a flag. Along with matching T-Shirts. Neon Green or Yellow, or possibly Safety Orange. It says so in the manual.
  12. scorp16

    General political chat

    I can't help but think now.......that Kindergarten was a wasted year.
  13. scorp16

    General political chat

    Somebody changed the ABC Song and the Internet is freakin' out. https://fox59.com/2019/10/29/classic-alphabet-song-remix-leaves-the-internet-in-a-rage/
  14. scorp16

    General political chat

    Is the "ABC Song" really offensive? PC Culture is going off the deep end.
  15. scorp16

    Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

    I want to know if there are any more gift shops being planned. ‘Cause you can never have too many of those.
  16. scorp16

    Ketchup and Mustard Pumps Removed at Casey’s Corner

    Yes it is. Both lack of and quality. (Yes, there is a standard of ketchup.............................)
  17. scorp16

    Ketchup and Mustard Pumps Removed at Casey’s Corner

    The way things are going....they'll be removing the hot dogs next. However, you'll be able to buy a ketchup packet for $1. First the Cheese then the Ketchup. The madness! The napkins are next.
  18. scorp16

    Too much money and not worth it..

    Baguette. It is the "French Quarter" after all. But then again, the architecture there does have a lot of Spain in it. I'm just glad it's available before 10pm . But then again, if it were the Spanish, it would come with a very, very, very large glass of wine (like a Big Gulp). So, I'm...
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