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    How do you display your pins?

    HI everyone!:wave: I just got back from florida and had a great time at disney. I had my first expirience with pin trading and it was a lot of fun. :sohappy: Since I don't know when I'll be going back, I wanted to display my pins in some way. DH was thinking of pining them to cardboard...
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    #1 cartoon characer in the world?

    DH and I were watching a loony toons DVD last night and someone on one of the special features claimed that Buggs was the # 1 cartoon character in the world (not surprising considering what we were watching:p ) Anyway, what do you guys think? I know this beeing a dsiney site, most are going...
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    So here's the thing... Grandma lives in Sarasota, going out to visit her for a week in September. Sometime within that week, we'll be going to WDW, but not sure when yet. It used to be that you could go into the park, walk up to guest services (EPCOT had fun computer thingies) and make a...
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    Have you ever...

    Stayed up all night the night before your flight? I'll be working untill 10:30 the night before my flight and will have to leave for the airport around 3:30 am:eek: Thankfully, my parents will be driving to the airport and will have been able to take a nap in the afternoon. What do you do...
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    Undercover tourist

    Has anyone used them? I found out about it from mousesavers.com and I don't want to get burned
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    Rainforest Cafe

    Is there anything special about the ones in Disney or are they the same as ones in other parts of the country? There's one not too far from where I live and although no one else I'm traveling with has ever been to one, I'm wondering if I should waste my time.
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    San Angel vs Chefs de France

    If you had to choose 1 of these for dinner, which would it be? :wave:
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    Downtown Disney

    Hi, I'm new here so I'm sorry if this is posted somewhere already: Never been to DTD and was wondering if it was worth going there for the shopping. I also wanted to know where it is in relation to EPCOT Thanks :)
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