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  1. HDS

    Imagine...May. Info out from left field.

    Ok, I don't like posting rumors because you peeps can be right out tyrannic. So take this info as you wish. Not animals where harmed for this info etc.. I was picking up my DW's copy of Thor (Female) #004 from the comic shop just 15mins ago. As I was checking out I asked the clerk: Me- "Do you...
  2. HDS

    Fire at Jambo House

    So I have family at WDW staying at the Jumbo House. Fire alarm goes off and they got rushed out of their room asap, even with someone in the shower. They have been outside over an hour and a half. Smoke etc..Cant find any news reports yet. Anyone got any info yet?
  3. HDS

    Lots of flashing light (EMT's) at the Jumbo House park bus pickup entrance.

    Just saw lots of flashing light (EMT's) at the Jumbo House park bus pickup entrance. Anyone know what's up? Counted 3 EMT'S , 1 suv with lights and a van with lights.
  4. HDS

    Oct. 24th Over the wall HD video

    Some video I took his past week. http://youtu.be/ht6UhROUHgY http://youtu.be/lHxcMXNZSac http://youtu.be/1pIE2UxjVBE http://youtu.be/7P9j5zXMxuU http://youtu.be/i-yuYPqvU8U http://youtu.be/NtiHy1eOfeg
  5. HDS

    Florida orange bird returns

    Didnt see this posted: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/02/the-florida-orange-bird-returns-to-walt-disney-world/?CMP=SOC-DPFY11Q2TwitterDisneyParks11-02-11%400005
  6. HDS

    1977 WDW video

    DOnt know if anyone has seen this but pretty cool! WDW is 0:38 mins in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGjrsKPzbiU
  7. HDS

    Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion in "This Is It"

    I just got back from MJ's "This is It" and durning the Thriller 3D part they showed the top of the streching room empty and then with the hanging body! from Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion! Just thought that was cool! They even had the dancing, diner hall sene redone in graphic 3D.
  8. HDS

    TTA down

    TTA Down, people unloaded. CM said technical problems.
  9. HDS

    Dig this old video from 1956 at Disneyland

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