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  1. Frankie The Beer

    Artist attacked at Island of Adventure

    http://news.yahoo.com/artist-charged-attempted-murder-theme-park-attack-170559261.html ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A recently fired caricature artist at Universal Orlando Resort tried to kill his manager by stabbing him in the head and neck with scissors on New Year's Day, according to a police report...
  2. Frankie The Beer

    Windows 10

    Just started the install on my gaming PC. Reading nothing but positive reviews so far so I really hope Microsoft hits a home run here.
  3. Frankie The Beer

    Star Wars VII- POSSIBLE MASSIVE SPOILERS- You have been warned!

    Just got wind of the possible spoilers leaked for the new Star Wars movie floating around the internet. If they are true, its the greatest plot twist in the history of cinema. If its not true, I guess we have to chalk it up to the internet hype machine. One word of warning. JJ Abrams had the...
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