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  1. Sorcerer Jen

    New Walt Disney World WATER PARKS Commercial

    Absolutely loved it, really made me wish I was swimming in the wave pool at TL. :) Oh how I miss it..
  2. Sorcerer Jen

    Tronorail to go into service tomorrow!

    It looks better than I thought it would, but I'm still not a fan really.. :shrug: I agree about the yellow, I think they should have stuck to blue.
  3. Sorcerer Jen

    TRON Lightcycle Overlay coming to WDW Monorails

    I don't like this AT ALL to be honest. I love the Monorail's the way they are and they are truly iconic. I think it'll look really tacky :hurl: However Disney may surprise me and make them look amazing, guess we'll just have to wait and see!
  4. Sorcerer Jen

    Official D23 Thread

    Oh wow Fantasyland looks amazing! I am LOVING the Beasts castle, BATB is my favourite film ever and I'm glad to see it getting some attention in the MK :D Very excited now! :sohappy:
  5. Sorcerer Jen

    Official D23 Thread

    Keeping a close eye on this thread! :D
  6. Sorcerer Jen

    My WDW Proposal!

    This actually made me cry!! I only hope that whoever I end up with proposes at WDW as it would be incredible! Many congratulations to you, and I hope you have an amazing future together xx
  7. Sorcerer Jen

    Cinderella Castle lower section under refubishment

    Haha that wall is pretty sweet :D can't wait to see the finished castle :)
  8. Sorcerer Jen

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)

    That is a gorgeous picture! :D
  9. Sorcerer Jen

    Most overrated attraction

    Ahhh I personally adore Soarin' - my entire family fell in love with it :) plus I LOVE the score! I'll have to go with Honey I Shrunk The Audience, I enjoy it sometimes but it's very old and could do with something newer. Plus the screen last time I went (July 2008) was awful!! Terrible...
  10. Sorcerer Jen

    Most intense attraction in WDW?

    Yeah probably Mission:Space Orange but even that didn't really seem that intense, would have loved to have gone on it before they toned it down :)
  11. Sorcerer Jen

    Facebook....Who has one?

    I'm pretty obsessed with FB to be honest haha, it's addicting!
  12. Sorcerer Jen

    The New Voice of Mickey Mouse! Mr. Bret Iwam

    Sweet :D congrats Bret! Gotta love Mickey!
  13. Sorcerer Jen

    The Sum of All Thrills by Raytheon coming soon to Innoventions East

    According to Stitch Kingdom - Could be rubbish, but would be pretty sweet if it did open then :)
  14. Sorcerer Jen

    The Sum of All Thrills by Raytheon coming soon to Innoventions East

    Had a quick search on Google and apparently this may open October 2009 - next month :D This should be interesting to see, last time I was in Innoventions I couldn't help but feel it was missing something major, hopefully this will give it the boost it needs :) although I must admit I had such...
  15. Sorcerer Jen

    Caspian meet n greet going bye bye

    Hehe I do indeed, silly me :o
  16. Sorcerer Jen

    TTA reopening pushed back to Sep 12 2009

    I actually don't mind Monsters Inc simply because I find Roz hilarious! She cracks me up :) Stitch is urghhhhh though, what on earth were they thinking! Horrible attraction. I keep having dreams I'm on the TTA actually, WDW withdrawal symptoms I think! :D
  17. Sorcerer Jen

    Hey guys :)

    :D Thanks very much for the welcomes!
  18. Sorcerer Jen

    Caspian meet n greet going bye bye

    This made my heart sad :( Beauty And The Beast is my favourite film, an absolute classic! American Idol can shoo! :lol: As for the Caspian meet and greet, I just walked past it to be honest, didn't look too exciting and the queues were massive! I'd love an Indy meet and greet, I do love Mr...
  19. Sorcerer Jen

    Car Painting Progress Photos / Haunted Mansion theme

    That is truly awesome, I applaud you Sir :D
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