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  1. dryerlintfan

    Trip Report COMPLETED - (live) Building Castles in the Sky

    I always say "I ordered a tomboy" and I definitely would be able to relate better to a child who played with worms and climbed trees and made mud castles on camping trips. But I received a sparkly princess cupcake instead. A child who is most comfortable in tulle and high heels leaving a trail...
  2. dryerlintfan

    Trip Report Four Time No-Belle Prize Winners!! ;)

    Our journey began on a blustery cold Ohio morning (that happened to follow a day in the nineties, because... Ohio :hilarious:). It was not my morning. I woke up late. I woke the kid up late. No time to make coffee, no time for pictures, no time to double check that I had everything. No time to...
  3. dryerlintfan

    Last One In for Character Meal??

    Has anyone been the last one in for a character meal? We're specifically looking at Bon Voyage breakfast which has the last seating at noon. All the openings we've found are from 11:45 to 12:00. Would the characters be harried and rush through it because it's almost over and their shift is...
  4. dryerlintfan

    Pre-Trip 50 Shades of Green

    Hello WDWMagic friends! :inlove::inlove: I ordered a tomboy, but got a little princess instead, so last Christmas we tried to return her to the princess motherland but they just kept telling us we had to take her home again...:joyfull::joyfull: I was appalled that Disney didn't even offer an...
  5. dryerlintfan

    Trip Report It feels like the first time... Feels like the very first time *completed*

    If you've ever thought to yourself, "self, nobody is crazy or stupid enough to go to Walt Disney World for the very first time, during Christmas week, with a two year old", then have I got a story for you :) If you missed my long winded pre-trip, you can find it here...
  6. dryerlintfan

    Swiss Family Treehouse and Tom Sawyer Island?

    I've read what feels like a million trip reports but haven't seen anyone talk about the Swiss Family Treehouse or Tom Sawyer Island. Does anyone like/love these two attractions or are they attractions we should skip? We were planning on exploring Tom Sawyer Island on our upcoming trip...
  7. dryerlintfan

    New Cinderella's Carriage Double Strollers

    I cannot imagine getting something like this through the crowds. At least when it slams into your ankles it will look magical? http://www.southernliving.com/syndication/rent-cinderella-carriages-walt-disney-world?35454545
  8. dryerlintfan

    Pre-Trip I Ordered a Tomboy but Got a Disney Princess Instead...

    When my daughter was little, I forbade "gender-washing": NO sparkles, NO tutus, NO shirts that say "My favorite color is GLITTER", NO tiaras, and generally nothing princess-y. I wanted her to be free to develop her personality the way it was going to grow, but I will admit I was hoping she'd...
  9. dryerlintfan

    Christmas Day - Magic Kingdom or Epcot?

    Our travel dates have shifted, so now our first day at the parks will be Christmas morning. I do realize that Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year, and we do plan on being at whichever park for rope drop. MK has morning EMH and Epcot doesn't, if that makes a difference. So for those...
  10. dryerlintfan

    FastPass+ Question from a Newbie

    I'm planning our first trip to WDW and have learned so much from these forums and the resources they provide (thank you all!!), and I feel confident that I can navigate the pre-planning for our trip. The one hold up I'm having is that I'm unsure when the first fast passes become available...
  11. dryerlintfan

    Potty wait times when park is overly crowded?

    Hi all, We're headed to Disney World between Christmas and New Years with a potty trained almost three year old. After looking up impacts of the crowds, it looks like our biggest worry is going to be potty time. Maybe this will change in the next 10 months, but right now we don't get a heck...
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