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  1. Stevek

    News Crazy fight in Toontown

    Provided without comment...though I have plenty I’d love to say.
  2. Stevek

    Disneyland New "Flex" Annual Pass

    https://www.ocregister.com/2019/05/09/disneylands-new-flex-annual-pass-requires-reservations-will-roll-out-ahead-of-star-wars-galaxys-edge-debut/ https://www.micechat.com/224305-everything-you-need-to-know-about-disneylands-new-flex-passport/...
  3. Stevek

    Fourth Disneyland Hotel Officially Cancelled

    Disneyland Resort spokesman, Liz Jaeger, shared the following statement regarding the cancellation of the project: “We’ve taken the time to review the economics of our proposed Four Diamond hotel for Anaheim and have made the final decision to cancel the project. While this is disappointing for...
  4. Stevek

    New Disneyland Book (Walt Disney's Disneyland)

    https://www.amazon.com/Walt-Disneys-Disneyland-Chris-Nichols/dp/3836563487/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1526678563&sr=1-6&keywords=disneyland Disappeared and finally back. 352 pages, released July 1. Apparently Taschen does amazing stuff. Submitted my preorder today.
  5. Stevek

    Colglazier leaving DL-new sheriff in town from WDW.

  6. Stevek

    Trader Sam's Hippopotomaitai New Mug Available

    https://twitter.com/DarthDopey/status/893990218675568640 Picked it up last weekend. Face design is basically the same but rest of the mug is very different. Love the raised Trader Sam's on the back.
  7. Stevek

    Downtown Disney - Parking Policy Change

    "Effective August 16, 2017, the parking policy will be updated to provide 2 hours of free parking when you make a $20 minimum purchase and receive validation from any Downtown Disney location (including quick-service restaurants and kiosks)—or up to 4 hours of free parking with validation from...
  8. Stevek

    My WDW Trip Report

    As you may remember, I was taking a trip to WDW in May and wanted to share my experiences via a trip report. Thought my fellow Disneylander's might be interested in reading. Link to thread below. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/a-4-day-quick-hit.927514/
  9. Stevek

    Trip Report A 4 Day Quick Hit

    My company had their National Sales meeting at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista on 5/15-5/19 and I decided to have my wife come out from California to extend the trip for an additional 4 days at WDW. Below is a combination of the things I experienced during the sales meeting and after once she...
  10. Stevek

    Trails End or Hoop De Doo?

    Will be visiting the world in less than 20 days and would love your opinions on whether we should do Trails End (ADR already made) or Hoop De Doo. The food looks better with a larger variety at Trails End but I'm starting to lean toward Hoop even though it's about double in price. Second...
  11. Stevek

    Trader Sam's Shrunken Zombie Head - 3rd Edition

    Now available at Trader Sam's. Pic stolen from some ebay profiteer...I picked up mine tonight.
  12. Stevek

    D23 Magazine Back Issues

    May be a longshot but wanted to see if any D23 members out there no longer want some of their back issues of the magazine. Specifically looking for the Disneyland 60th, Star Wars and Rogue One Issues. The DL 60th being top priority. If anyone is willing to part with one, please let me know...
  13. Stevek

    Annual Passholder Previews - Still a thing at DLR

    So we haven't been AP's in awhile, just got them again in Feb. Do they still do AP previews for new attractions? We did them for Buena Vista Street and Cars Land back in 2012. With Tower of the Guardians opening up, wasn't sure if I should be on the lookout for an AP preview.
  14. Stevek

    A couple upcoming Trip Questions

    A couple of questions regarding our upcoming trip. For Animal Kindgom, if we get there at opening, should I be wasting a 10am FP+ on the Safari or should I just go there first and will likely have very little wait? I could then take the Safari FP and get Dino or something else. For Animal...
  15. Stevek

    Transfer from offsite hotel question

    I will be in Orlando for a sales meeting, staying at the Hilton across from Disney Springs. After the meeting ends, my wife is coming out and we'll be spending a few days at POP. Are we able to take our luggage across to Disney Springs and take a bus from there to POP? Didn't know whether...
  16. Stevek

    Disneyland Trip Report 3/29/17

    My wife and I finally decided to get AP's back in Feb and after feeling a bit guilty about not getting them for our 15 & 17 year old girls, decided to surprise them with a trip to the park under the premise that my buddy at the DL Hotel was going to sign us in. Arrived at the TS lot around 7am...
  17. Stevek

    Uber from MCO

    I will be at a sales meeting in Orlando and my wife will be coming in to MCO toward the end of the meeting so we can spend a few days at the resort. Assuming the hotel shuttle isn't an option (it may be), is UBER and option from MCO? I know there were some challenges but the info online is a...
  18. Stevek

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy Holidays to the WDW Magic Disneyland Forum

    Been a fun year, hoping you all have an amazing holiday no matter what you celebrate.
  19. Stevek

    Disneyland Shopping Pass

    No longer available, right? I remember I used to do it quite a bit back when I worked in Anaheim but know that it went away. Have someone on FB saying it's still available. Anyone know for sure?
  20. Stevek

    Disneyland Forever to Be Discontinued? (Rumor)

    So another site, that shall rename nameless, is reporting that Disneyland Forever will come to an end on 9/5/16 due to budgetary reasons. Anyone else heard this? I'm guessing Magical will fill the void until Believe in Holiday Magic returns at Christmas. In any case, it is a bit surprising...
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