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  1. scorp16

    Is Coronado the new moderate mold?

    Because I'd be okay with it - if it was. A lot of options when compared to other moderates. Toledo (Signature), Three Bridges (casual), Rix's (casual/sports bar), Maya (tweener between casual and signature), The Barcelona Lounge, The Dahlia Lounge (where the views are great), The outdoor bar...
  2. scorp16

    Anybody try this?

    If so, any good? Seems interesting. I missed it by two days
  3. scorp16

    Galaxy's Edge - Orlando

    So.......For Those that have been to Orlando......
  4. scorp16

    For all the 80's kids

    Going to Vegas! A week and a half away. This was Opening Song on Opening Night..
  5. scorp16

    Resort Rate Threshold

    I prefer to stay on property when feasible. That being said there are some great resorts off-property (and some on property that are not Disney owned). So when looking for resorts - what is acceptable for you based on your perceived value. Here are a couple of mine. Meaning I won't pay more...
  6. scorp16

    Frontierland vs Liberty Square

    Theoretically (Not that there's a snowball's chance in hell of either of these happening) - both could happen. But let's choose 1. One one hand you have Frontierland with the land adjacent to BTMRR. With maybe a Geyser Mountain and/or Western River Expedition. A Signature, some shops, the...
  7. scorp16

    Spending Less with Disney

    So, I figure, annually I’m at the $5k mark right now. Its money I used to spend with Disney that I no longer spend with Disney. It’s not an affordability thing, nor have I cut out any vacations. I just decided I want to limit the money I give to Disney as my way of a silent protest for the...
  8. scorp16

    Debugging Your House

    I mean, we all knew this kind of stuff was happening, but now as more info is coming out regularly, and the level as to it keeps increasing, anybody have thoughts? https://www.ctpost.com/business/article/Alexa-has-been-eavesdropping-on-you-this-whole-13822095.php
  9. scorp16

    Does Disney Need Another Dinner Show?

    So now we're basically down to 2. Hoop De Doo and Spirit of Aloha. With all the new restaurants and lounges recently announced - Do you think Disney should add another dinner show (or 2).
  10. scorp16

    Roll It ...Again............

    Nice start.............now take it somewhere..........and JJ.......fix this mess (TLJ).......... SWGE and the SW Hotel are counting on you....................as am I..............
  11. scorp16

    Make It Right JJ.........................................

    Good Start................................................
  12. scorp16

    Because....who doesn't like a little Trivia?

    No Cheating.......... 1. How many times has Katiebug been to Disney? a) 15 b) At least 20 c) 1 d) 12 2. What did Katiebug mistakenly call the Magic Kingdom? a) The Greatest Show on Earth b) Mickey Kingdom c) The happiest place on earth d) Mickey Studios 3. What was the first thing Katiebug...
  13. scorp16

    Culinary Series?

    Why hasn't Disney gone down the culinary path more? Here's what I mean: We got festivals pretty much year round now with "special" kiosks, we've got "secret" menu items, limited time menu items, popular TV chefs opening permanent establishments for as long as their brand sustains, and so on...
  14. scorp16

    Would you jump off Space Mountain - mid-ride?

    This guy would: https://kutv.com/news/offbeat/disneylands-space-mountain-closed-after-man-climbs-off-moving-ride Sonswa - Is that you?
  15. scorp16

    P.S.A - CSR $157 ????

    Week before Labor Day. With the tower and waterfront restaurant open? These are non-tower rooms but who cares - $157 for a Disney Moderate? What am I missing. I just booked. What's the catch? Tower delayed? I've seen low rates during renovations. But I haven't seen this type of rate for...
  16. scorp16

    Pontoon Boats

    Does anybody know if you are allowed to dock the pontoons at another marina? If I rented at the Poly for 5 hours, could I dock at the Contemp, GF, WL, and/or FW - and use it as a vehicle to resort hop around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake - before returning it back to the Poly? I think one...
  17. scorp16

    Not Disney...but will probably impact Disney

    How many languages are needed? You could make an argument for Spanish, French, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Swahili, Catalonian, Gaelic, and Samoan. Family Sues Universal Because Warning Signs are only in English
  18. scorp16

    Non-Disney-Owned Properties

    I'd go: 1. Swolphin 2. Four Seasons (#2 because of lack of -frequency of transport) 3. Bonnet Creek (Hilton, Waldorf, Wyndham - same lack of frequency of transport) 4. Hyatt - Grand Cypress (Should have a car) 5. Hotel Plaza Blvd. (Many - but you pretty much need a car) 6. Gaylord - (need a...
  19. scorp16

    Another Poll......Fun! - For those that drive............

    Just because I'm insecure and yes, I'm curious .......I'm firmly in camp 2.
  20. scorp16

    A or B?

    A.) OR - B.) (The Original) Bonus Question: Paddlefish looks like - 1) A Prison Cafeteria 2) A Cafeteria you'd find at a compound 3) The food option at the Fort Drum - Turnpike rest area 4) I like the Paddlefish look
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