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  1. docdebbi

    Seasonal prices differences?

    Want to cruise again, but having trouble picking a time, please help me out? We went in the spring before because the kiddos were little and could take them out of school more easily. So now, might have to go in late June (they're in school until around June 23 every year) or July but don't...
  2. docdebbi

    When will old tickets no longer be accepted?

    Just bought tickets this week for my upcoming trip March 2019. I did this right after hearing about the change in ticket media and I was under the impression that existing tickets would be valid through 2019. But when I received them today from undercover tourist it says the tickets expire...
  3. docdebbi

    Reservations question

    I am planning a trip with my brother's family in April It is being complicated by 2 of his children not knowing if they are going to be able to come along. (difficult classes at school and if there is a practical exam that week, they cannot miss it-no options I'm told). So if i make general...
  4. docdebbi

    Trip Report The Texas Ranger, The Beast, and We "started the fireworks": A trip of firsts!

    Wow, this was a trip of many first for our happy little family. We have been to WDW numerous times, but this one was different, very different, in very many ways, and all good. Let's start with the WHO: myself, Debbie, known as Cee Gee to the grandsons. CeeGee=Crazy Grandmom. According to my...
  5. docdebbi

    Changes to Wishes dessert party??

    Has anyone here been to the wishes dessert party in the last month who can verify information for me? There is an entire thread on another board with people saying that they have been to the dessert party in the last month and there are no longer pre-assigned tables: it is now first come-first...
  6. docdebbi

    Concierge level question

    my question is about how you get into the actual concierge lounge. Now here is why......I am just beginning the planning process for a cruise on the Dream. I would like to get a one bedroom suite concierge level, which officially sleeps 5. But there are 6 of us. If I do this, I would plan to...
  7. docdebbi

    Useless PIN code today

    Got a PIN code today applicable to my October trip- (my dates were blocked out for free dining)- and it was totally USELESS. I don't know if that is because there was a 6 hour delay between the time it was sent and the time I saw it, so everything good was gone, or because it was a come on. I...
  8. docdebbi

    EMR and Food & Wine Kiosks

    Can anyone tell me if the Food and Wine festival food kiosks stay open during evening EMH. If so, are they crazy crowded or is it worth it? With the new "Late Nights Live" after hours party I am suspicious that they are not open....as several are used for the party, and last year these parties...
  9. docdebbi

    Fall Annual Passholder discounts are out

    I noticed them this morning on the disney website passholder area. I am not sure when they came out. But I just got off the phone and managed to save $800 at AKL Villas for 3 nights stay, so they had to be recent. As expected, there was no availability at any of the Epcot resorts during my...
  10. docdebbi

    Wishes dessert party October

    since they didn't keep their promise and open wishes reservations 180 days out, it's back to hunting and hoping for these reservations. so, the the october dates are open today. just got mine. september just opened earlier this week. on the phone, the CM told me that they are averaging opening...
  11. docdebbi

    Article on AOL about FP+

    http://www.dailyfinance.com/on/disney-world-fast-pass-plus-problem/ thought you guys would find this interesting it was linked to through AOL, so big audience I disagree with author, I think it will stay a resort perk with AP holders getting the minor 7 day window perk opinions?
  12. docdebbi

    Trip Report The Better Late than Never Halloween (and boy can I be stupid) Report

    Well, here it goes. I've never done a trip report before, but I'll give it a go. Even though we went 2 months ago. See, after we got home, it was Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas........and on and on. So FINALLY, a free minute. The Place: Art of Animation Family Suites. The...
  13. docdebbi

    Be Our Guest Reservation March 1st 2014

    I am about to give up our March 1st Reservation for 6 45 PM for 2 Anybody want it?
  14. docdebbi

    Enchanted Tales Operating Hours?

    I am making my daily plans and am hoping to do Enchanted Tales with Belle first thing (before the line gets too long), but suddenly in the back of my mind, I remember something about it not opening exactly at opening time -9:00 AM that day. can anyone help me out with info if it is a delayed...
  15. docdebbi

    October Wishes Dessert Party Reservations

    just a heads up to anyone going in October, the Wishes dessert party reservations became available online just a little bit ago. go get 'em friends................
  16. docdebbi

    Newest Magic+ info

    so, i did just read the info. i still have some techincal questions. it does not address if i can reserve fastpass+ for everyone in my party. i was under the impression i could, but it isn't specific. anyone sure? also, i have trouble getting My Disney experience to keep members of my party...
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