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  1. beachlover4444

    Uber or Lyft at Disneyland and Maxpass questions.

    We are coming for our first trip and I am wondering how easy it is to get an uber or lyft at the end of the evening? And where do we catch it? The website says near the busses or by downtown disney? Is harbor blvd and katella area safe to walk at midnight after the park closes? We're staying...
  2. beachlover4444

    Toon Town question

    Sorry new to posting something new but I am coming to DL first time in January 16-18. I am watching park hours and ride closures like a hawk. From what I can see on times to book dinner reservations it looks like wed thur the parks wont be open very late (last res you can book is 7:20) and no...
  3. beachlover4444

    Avatar, Tron, Guardians, Star Wars, Marvel

    Is it just me or wouldn't it have made so much sense for these to have been given their own theme park. Ideally they should have all gone into Hollywood Studios since that park was supposed to be about the movies, movie magic, making of movies, etc. It's lost it's identity and is now a hodge...
  4. beachlover4444

    No DND signs in the hotels anymore?

    Our Myrtle Beach ABC station posted a report that Walt Disney World is going to take away all Do Not Disturb signs from the rooms and that all rooms would be entered daily. Can anyone confirm this? I know someone who works at Art of Animation and they are giving people money back for opting...
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