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  1. Jasonflz

    I actually lost most of my music a few years back, I don’t have it unfortunately.

    I actually lost most of my music a few years back, I don’t have it unfortunately.
  2. Jasonflz

    Bruce Broughton Theme Park Music - Intrada Box Set

    Intrada only worked on the album, it is Disney who is in charge of releasing it from what it sounds like. The project was technically finished 3 years ago, for whatever reason they decided to hold off on putting it out there. The plus side is that we can actually get the Soarin’ music included.
  3. Jasonflz

    Bruce Broughton Theme Park Music - Intrada Box Set

    It’s not available yet. One of the main guys at Intrada has hinted that they are waiting for Broughton to finish “Soaring Fantastic Flight” before actually proceeding. The box set is pretty much done though.
  4. Jasonflz

    Bruce Broughton Theme Park Music - Intrada Box Set

    "All I can tell you is that the album is finished, that we've mastered ALL the pieces that I ever did in the theme parks, and it's just waiting for Disney to release it." -Bruce Broughton on Tomorrow Society Podcast #33 Great interview btw
  5. Jasonflz

    Bruce Broughton Theme Park Music - Intrada Box Set

    http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6704&start=15 Discussion is here. Apparently Bruce Broughton confirmed on a podcast that both he and Intrada (the record label) have officially mastered and finished the long awaited box set which should include: -Ellen’s Energy Adventure -The...
  6. Jasonflz

    New Disney Parks CD to release this year!

    Glad to hear it! I think it would be great if Disney could focus more attention on releasing their music.
  7. Jasonflz

    Job Oppurtunities

    Yeah, I'm not really looking at any performing roles. At the time I am fine with maintenance, cleaning, etc. I wouldn't mind working in a store either.
  8. Jasonflz

    Soarin over America...

    No, I understand that the 'exact' music can't be used. I mean keep the same theme, just compose a new track to fit. (Kinda like Giacchino and Star Tours)
  9. Jasonflz

    Soarin over America...

    As long as they don't replace Jerry Goldsmith's score.... :eek:
  10. Jasonflz


    I still have a soft spot for this one but I can't say I would miss it if it goes. What they really need to replace is Fear Factor.
  11. Jasonflz

    Does anyone miss Alien Encounter, or is it just me?

    You stole the words from my mouth. While I have never experienced Alien Encounter I do remember how great TL used to be. TTA, Timekeeper, Metrophone, etc. added to the atmosphere which made this my favorite land. Nowadays it is all one big advertisement. Judging from videos though, AE looked...
  12. Jasonflz

    Job Oppurtunities

    Thank you all for the tips! Currently I am working at a Publix in the Naples area so I may have the opportunity to transfer as well. I don't mind working a smaller shift, or whatever job they need if I am qualified for it. There are also some side jobs I'm looking at. I've always loved Disney so...
  13. Jasonflz

    Job Oppurtunities

    Hey everyone! Come this April, me and a friend are planning to move up to the Orlando/Kissimmee area. I am 18 years old and have been going to Disney since I was born. I would love to work for the company (in the parks hopefully) and am doing some research on the careers offered there. That...
  14. Jasonflz

    Virtual Journey Into Imagination

    Just checked this out along with Horizons: Resurrected. Amazing work! It would be great to see a whole virtual epcot.
  15. Jasonflz

    Horizons Resurrected

    Bump. He's got the first few scenes of the ride done. There hasn't been an update for a while though.
  16. Jasonflz

    USO Questions

    Well Fear Factor is apparently making a return to tv sometime in the coming years, so chances of it being removed are very slim. It's an interesting show idea but it is fairly outdated.
  17. Jasonflz

    USO Questions

    Ok, thanks for the info. I could see Transformers being built but the scale would be massive and may require an attraction removal. I have noticed (during HHN) that there is alot of unused space which may double for filming and whatnot.
  18. Jasonflz

    USO Questions

    I just have 2 questions regarding the Orlando Studios. 1. First, has there been any word regarding the Transformers attraction? With DOTM's success, you would think a nice cash in would be in order. 2. Second, why the lack of a tram tour? Watching videos of USH's, it seems that it could be...
  19. Jasonflz

    Wish I Was Here: D23 40th Anniversary Event

    Now THIS is what D23 is about. :) Epcot Fans getting together to relive the magic of a beloved attraction=Priceless. Now if only they could get rid of JIYI With Figment :lookaroun
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