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  1. Disneyhead'71

    Cirque Tickets On Sale, Shows Start March 20th

    I did a search, but I couldn't find anyone mentioning that Cirque tickets are on sale for shows starting Fri. Mar. 20th.
  2. Disneyhead'71

    First Look: Holiday 2019 Food & Beverages

    Here is a preview of all the special food and beverage offerings for the 2019 Holiday Season. http://www.insideuniversal.net/2019/11/first-look-at-the-food-drink-available-for-the-2019-holidays-at-universal-orlando/
  3. Disneyhead'71

    Little Mermaid Live

    So this was on ABC last night. I thought it had a few issues, mostly technical (pitch and audio mix kind of stuff), but I enjoyed it. I thought it was fun. That said, it is getting eviscerated in reviews and on Twitter...
  4. Disneyhead'71

    Typhoon Mangkhut Hammers Hong Kong

    Hong Kong just got hammered by Typhoon Mangkhut. Here is some damage at HKDL. And other places in Hong Kong. My prayers are with the folks in Hong Kong.
  5. Disneyhead'71

    Busch Gardens Tampa announces Tigris

    Today BGT announced their 2019 addition. Tigris, which is a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II coaster. https://buschgardens.com/tampa/roller-coasters/tigris/ During the announcement they also mentioned that there would be a new thrill ride coming to the Gwazi area in 2020 saying, "Gwazi has had a...
  6. Disneyhead'71

    Zootopia Coming To Shanghai

  7. Disneyhead'71

    CM Shoos Shoplifter Away

  8. Disneyhead'71

    J. K. Rowling's The Crimes of Grindlewald

    The first trailer for The Crimes of Grindlewald.
  9. Disneyhead'71

    SeaWorld: Loses continue, CEO steps down

  10. Disneyhead'71

    Voodoo Donut Coming to CityWalk Spring 2018

  11. Disneyhead'71

    Test Track inspired Chevy

    I thought this was rather interesting. https://www.rd.com/advice/travel/disney-cars-chevy/
  12. Disneyhead'71

    Emeril's Tchoup Chop Closing 12/31/17

    http://emerilsrestaurants.com/article/emeril’s-tchoup-chop-will-close-december-31-2017 No info about a replacement.
  13. Disneyhead'71

    Rumor: Element to become Voodoo Donut

    This rumor popped up after the success of the Voodoo Donut that opened in Hollywood's CityWalk earlier this year. This will be a great addition. https://orlandoinformer.com/blog/voodoo-doughnuts-citywalk-orlando/
  14. Disneyhead'71

    "Pssst, I heard....."

    "...Shrek is closing."
  15. Disneyhead'71

    Tilikum has died.

    SeaWorld is reporting that Tilikum died this morning. http://m.mynews13.com/content/mobile/news/cfnews13/news.touch.html
  16. Disneyhead'71

    Anyone been to Tortola?

    I am going on a non-Disney cruise at the end of April, and I will be sailing out of Tortola B.V.I. I was just wondering if any of you guys have been to Tortola and could recommend a good restaurant and hotel? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I am doing a 6 day Rum Cruise...
  17. Disneyhead'71

    Happy Holidays From Universal

  18. Disneyhead'71

    Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Dec. Refurb

    It is being reported that Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey will be closed from Dec. 1st-18th. Not sure what is being done, but it is rumored that 3D is NOT part of this refurb. Insiders are saying work on the rock work in the Chamber of Secrets scene.
  19. Disneyhead'71

    What Will Be The 3rd Gate's Castle

    It seems Universal wants a Castle in each park. IOA has Hogwarts. USF will soon have Peach's Castle. So what do you guys think will be the 3rd gate's Castle?
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