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  1. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Poll for Fox IP at Disney Parks

    Which Fox property would you want to see at a Disney Park?
  2. The Real Buzz Lightyear


    On the last night of my Disney trip my family and I went to sprinkles for dessert. We got their customize able milkshakes. They were amazing! They are probably the best milkshakes I have ever had at Disney World. I highly recommend Sprinkles. Plus the staff were absolutely very kind and very fun...
  3. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Fox Properties at Disney parks

    https://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201903/6671/ Have there been any updates or rumors of Fox properties coming to any of the disney parks ?
  4. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Food Review *Spoilers*

    Here is where to discus the food and beverages of galaxys edge.
  5. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Winnie the Pooh photo op

    Has this photo op been removed ? I cant remember where but I heard it may have been removed.
  6. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Beauty and The Beast being replaced by Tangled ?

    Is the tangled show still going to replace beauty and the beast ? If not what other show will replace it ?
  7. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Could Hondo be affected by the Jim Cummings situation ?

    Due to the recent allegations against Jim Cummings, could hondo be removed Galaxy's edge ?
  8. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Fox IP at Disneyland Resort

    Could we possibly see any fox properties show up at any of the parks ?
  9. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disneyland or California Adventure

    Will avatar land come to the Disneyland resort ? Which park would you consider to have avatar land at?
  10. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    DCA : How would you fix the park ?

    How would you fix Disney California Adventure? It can include a name change and everything else.
  11. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Phineas and Ferb ride Disney

    Could a Phineas and Ferb ride ever show up at a Disney park ? I think it would work well at Epcot.
  12. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    What is the worst pixar movie ?

    What is the worst pixar movie?
  13. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    What is your favorite pixar movie ?

    What is your favorite pixar movie ? The poll could not fit all of the pixar movies :p
  14. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    Since smugglers run has a thread I though rise of the Resistance deserves one of its own.
  15. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Beauty and the Beast dark ride

    Could the beauty and the beast dark ride that's going to Tokyo Disneyland, be added to fantasy land at the magic kingdom ?
  16. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Ideas for a third Disneyland park.

    I would love to see the villains dark kingdom be the third gate for Disneyland instead of the 5th gate for disney world.
  17. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Will the seas with nemo and friends become the marine life institute?

    Will he seas with nemo and friends be re themed to the marine life institute from finding dory ?
  18. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    Wakanda land (DCA)

    Could Wakanda come to DCA after the marvel land? Where would it go?
  19. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    How do I change my username?

    How do I change my username?
  20. The Real Buzz Lightyear

    New member !

    Hi everyone I’m new to the forum! I’m super exicited to be here I’m a huge Disney and universal theme park fan.
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