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  1. TROR

    D23 Parks and Resort Panel 2019

    Official unofficial D23 Parks panel for Disneyland Resort forum Announced: • Magic Happens, new parade in the Spring • Concept art for Mickey ride in Toon Town • Avengers coaster/simulator? idk it's vague
  2. TROR

    Annual State of Disneyland, U.S.A. - A Trip Report by TROR

    I'm back from my yearly visit to Disneyland which means it's time for my authorized and valid opinions on all the new offerings, changes, and states of the attractions at Disneyland, U.S.A. Just to give an idea as to what the park's attendance was like, it was not terribly crowded but neither...
  3. TROR

    Most Exciting Disneyland Attractions for Intellectuals

    These are the rides for smart people (strictly serious) 11. Pizza Planet patio 10. Big Thunder pond 9. Court de Angels 8. Frontierland Shooting Exposition 7. Main Street Cinema 6. Disneyland Emporium 5. Disneyland Fire Department 4. SS Columbia 3. Mark Twain Riverboat 2. Disneyland Railroad 1...
  4. TROR

    Disneyland Resort Fun Facts!

    Disneyland is the home to 1,000,000 spiders the size of a fully grown American male.
  5. TROR

    Ultimate Shillwatch Thread

    Uh post shills
  6. TROR

    Mickey's Mix Magic - New Firework Show 2019

    From the other site: "Starting January 18th, 2019, Disneyland will be home to a new Projection and Fireworks Show called Mickey’s Mix Magic in honor of the corporate icon’s 90th birthday celebration. Disney is describing the show as “the biggest dance party to ever come to Disneyland” and it...
  7. TROR

    Depp out as Sparrow - Sparrow out of Pirates?

    It's been announced there are plans to rework the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise without Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. The last refurbishment of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland saw the removal of Davy Jones and the restoration of original elements. Is it possible with this news that...
  8. TROR

    Disneyland Report

    Back from the Disneyland Resort and it's time for my many opinions on the current state of the parks, technology, the new additions and changes, other guests, and cast members. I'll start off by saying I got to the parks at around 9AM and just walked onto Pirates, Mansion, and Indiana Jones...
  9. TROR

    LEGO Wicked Wench

    During the changes earlier this summer to Pirates of the Caribbean I ended up diving all in on its history and craftsmanship. In doing so I decided I wanted to recreate the Wicked Wench out of LEGO. I started with just a basic concept on LDD, a computer program for building with LEGO, and...
  10. TROR

    Disney Parks to Ban Straws

    In case you haven't heard Santa Monica recently banned straws and anybody who is found distributing the illegal plastic sticks for drinking can be locked up in jail. And now, Disney is in on the fun. The company has announced that Disney parks around the world will ban all plastic, one use...
  11. TROR

    It's time for Fantasmic!... to end.

    Let's face it, Fantasmic sucks now. There's some good stuff like the dragon, but ever since the new version premiered it has lost its charm. The original (post 2009) was a perfect nighttime spectacular with a great flow, great set pieces, and had memorable music and dialogue. A lot of it...
  12. TROR

    Crowd Control Changes to California's Disneyland

    Sorry for the poor alliteration, but I wanted to make a thread encompassing all the little changes to Disneyland's pathways in preparation for Galaxy's Edge. What's been done, what's been confirmed, what's been rumored, and speculation. What's been done: • Indiana Jones Outpost and South Seas...
  13. TROR

    Bob Iger is worse than Michael Eisner ever was - A Discussion on Brand Withdrawal

    Michael Eisner, from the 80's to the late 90's, did a great job as CEO, honestly. He may not have been Walt himself, but he clearly had a creative mind and was willing to try new things. He also did a great job at getting out in front of the camera and really selling the new additions to the...
  14. TROR

    How does Disneyland avoid burning to the ground

    Disney parks have had their fair share of fires but there's never been anything major. With the tiki torches in Adventureland or the pyros around Tom Sawyer's Island, how has it happened that no plants ever caught fire causing major harm to the structures? The reason I mention this is because...
  15. TROR

    I want Fort Wilderness back

    This is not a request, Disney. Give it to me. Recreating an authentic log fort would be a better way to spend your money than any Pixar overlay, and you know it. It's the perfect companion attraction to the Mark Twain and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Start building, Disney, or else I'm going...
  16. TROR

    Is Walt Disney Imagineering dead?

    We can talk about how awful Chapek and Iger are with forcing IPs into the parks, and that's true I suppose, but at the end of the day it's WDI's job to give us good stories and I don't believe they're capable of that anymore. Yes, Cars Land and Pandora look beautiful and so do the new additions...
  17. TROR

    Disney Parks and Consumer Products now one division

    And Bob Chapek is still in charge. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/14/disney-announces-strategic-reorganization-effective-immediately.html
  18. TROR

    McDonald's and Disney reuniting

    Perhaps this won't mean much in the long run, but Disney and McDonald's are reuniting since their previous partnership ended in 2006. Not only does this mean Disney toys are coming back to Happy Meals, which I think is wonderful, but it could mean new locations in the parks again. Not too long...
  19. TROR

    Let's yell and scream at each other about the Frontierland Shooting Exposition

    How long does it have left? I hope it never goes away, but with Pirates of the Caribbean closing over at WDW this week to remove a scene for "fat shaming" and a loud minority in the US hating on guns, it seems more and more likely it'll happen. Of course there's no logical reason to remove a...
  20. TROR

    I hate the new Star Tours

    Six and a half years after it opened, I've finally decided I hate the new Star Tours. Not only does the majority of it take inspiration from the awful prequels instead of the original trilogy like the old one did, its biggest problem is, much like Mission Breakout, a lack of narrative in favor...
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