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    How do you display your pins?

    HI everyone!:wave: I just got back from florida and had a great time at disney. I had my first expirience with pin trading and it was a lot of fun. :sohappy: Since I don't know when I'll be going back, I wanted to display my pins in some way. DH was thinking of pining them to cardboard...
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    #1 cartoon characer in the world?

    DH and I were watching a loony toons DVD last night and someone on one of the special features claimed that Buggs was the # 1 cartoon character in the world (not surprising considering what we were watching:p ) Anyway, what do you guys think? I know this beeing a dsiney site, most are going...
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    WS or FW first at Epcot?

    We've done it in one day. We get there at opening and do future world first, then go over to WS. If you want to see EVERYTHING, then 2 days is great. We're usually only at WDW for 2 days total (gram lives in sarasota, most of our time is spent there on a 1 week vacation). :wave:
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    Touring the AK

    I've only been there once, so if I get to go again, I'll go for the whole day and try to see everything:sohappy:
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    Disney World Stage Managers

    The Disney World stage manager has to know how to say "Im sorry ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing technical difficulties. If you will please exit to your left".:lookaroun :ROFLOL: the theater i work at has a pre recorded announcement that is played during a technical hold "ladies and...
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    I'm too Excited To Sleep Disney Commercial

    this may be a thread drift, but while I was clicking around youtoube, I came across a vidio called "EPCOT Center in less than 5 minutes":D Sorry, I don't know how to post a direct link, but if you search youtoube for it, you should find it
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    So here's the thing... Grandma lives in Sarasota, going out to visit her for a week in September. Sometime within that week, we'll be going to WDW, but not sure when yet. It used to be that you could go into the park, walk up to guest services (EPCOT had fun computer thingies) and make a...
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    American Adventure

    this may be a stupid question, but was Golden Dreams written specifically for AA? The theater I work for used the song in a show back in the 70's or 80's (i wasn't there at the time, just heard about it) and I was wondering how they could have used it.
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    Favorite WDW character?...

    Minnie ! :sohappy: Hope I get to see her when I'm there :wave:
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    Why must People Try To Make Disney Out To Be Evil?

    well fortunately now there is new leadership in the company so maybe things will change and they will be more ethical in their business practaces:shrug: One thing I don't understand is why people get all bent out of shape about an event that Disney doesn't really sponsor (gay days)? Let's...
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    Worst WDW Vacation EVER!!!!!

    Sorry you had a bad trip. It sounds like most of the problems you had were at the CBR, I would find out who the General Manager is there and write a letter of complaint or call to complain. Hopefully your next trip will be better:wave:
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    OH No Grumpy wants to take it back

    Why doesn't he go to daytona and you and the kids go to Disney? My DH doesn't like FL (too hot for him) so He's staying home while I visit my grandma and the mouse :D in September. This way, I get to visit someone I haven't seen in 2 years and really miss, but he's not miserable because it's...
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    Do you have any souvenir buying traditions?

    I used to collect porcelin figureines, but they're difficult to find now. I always get a t-shirt and sometimes a plush toy. I have an all white minnie that I got a few years ago that is really unique. DH thinks I have too many stuffed animals, so I probably won't be collecting those anymore...
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    Have you ever...

    Stayed up all night the night before your flight? I'll be working untill 10:30 the night before my flight and will have to leave for the airport around 3:30 am:eek: Thankfully, my parents will be driving to the airport and will have been able to take a nap in the afternoon. What do you do...
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    Downtown Disney

    Thanks for all the suggestions :) September can't come soon enough
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    Downtown Disney

    one more question, what are the hours there?
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    Undercover tourist

    Has anyone used them? I found out about it from mousesavers.com and I don't want to get burned
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    Rainforest Cafe

    Is there anything special about the ones in Disney or are they the same as ones in other parts of the country? There's one not too far from where I live and although no one else I'm traveling with has ever been to one, I'm wondering if I should waste my time.
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    San Angel vs Chefs de France

    If you had to choose 1 of these for dinner, which would it be? :wave:
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    Downtown Disney

    Thanks guys! does anyone know if the christmas store sells mouse ear santa hats? I couldn't find one in the parks my last trip, and this time I'm going in september so it's unlikely they'll be selling christmas stuff in the parks:)
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