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  1. DznyGrlSD

    All Star Music - rennovations have begun

    don't hold your breath but good luck! Looks like they're knocking down some walls to make suites as well so it may take a while.
  2. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    not so great. I have PTT (something tibial tendonitis) so no running for a while. I had to walk in the last 4 miles but since I was tracking the balloon ladies I still had time to ride Tower of Terror during the half :)
  3. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    enjoying semi-retirement. 30 mins on the Arc + hip/calf strength training
  4. DznyGrlSD

    News Epcot International Festival of the Arts 2020

    best festival is best. This is the BEST of the 3 festivals IMO
  5. DznyGrlSD

    All Star Music - rennovations have begun

    I don't know the building numbers but 1 Calypso building was being worked on and the one right next to it between Calypso and Broadway building 8 (that's where I was staying). Seems like they're working on the buildings closest to Movies 1st.
  6. DznyGrlSD

    SICK Space Mountain Holiday overlay

    I'm seeing them Thursday for the 1st time. Would love to see a TSO mountain
  7. DznyGrlSD

    Save the Adventurers Club

    you spent $75k on a wedding and she's now an EX??!! *faints* 😳 😳 😳 😳
  8. DznyGrlSD

    All Star Music - rennovations have begun

    I stayed at ASMusic 10/29-11/6 and they're currently working on several buildings renovating the rooms to, I would assume, be like Movies. I didn't snap any photos but they're working from early AM - late PM to get these done ASAP I'm assuming.
  9. DznyGrlSD

    Official Moving to Orlando Thread... aka, ASK THE LOCALS!

    this forum has been quiet for a while. Moving to Clermont off of the 192/27 interchange into Cagan Crossings in the next few months. There's a wait list for my apartment so I'm dealing with 1 more winter up here in SD
  10. DznyGrlSD

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    That's where the term "Passhole" comes from, right? ;)
  11. DznyGrlSD

    Fit2Run now permanently closed at Disney Springs

    never went in there TBH. I wish track shack would open but I know the rent is stupid-high at springs.
  12. DznyGrlSD

    How many runDisney miles have you run?

    Please add another 19.3 for wine/dine 10k & half
  13. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    Friday - 3 @ 13:39 Saturday - my last long run before next weekend and my fastest 10k since getting hurt in May. 6.18 @ 13:01/mi Bring on wine/dine weekend!!
  14. DznyGrlSD

    Brunch at California Grill?

    ...with Magic Kingdom views tho??
  15. DznyGrlSD

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    I'm down. Trying to find an extra party ticket (at a lower cost) for my friend who's NOT a runner but would love to bring to the party
  16. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    3 @ 13:30/mi this morning in 31 degree weather
  17. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    3.3 @ 13:49 yesterday
  18. DznyGrlSD

    Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

    Angry yes, honest...ehhhhhh
  19. DznyGrlSD

    What did you do?

    not bad. Get some ankle pain after 5-6 miles however. only thing that has changed is more miles + new shoes. going to see how my ankle feels this week and have a back-up previous pair of shoes for wine/dine if needed
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