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  1. Phineas

    Found this Kilimanjaro Safaris review on reddit-this person can't be serious.

    [transcribed from a photo, as image hosting didn't seem to work. all typos/grammar issues have been left intact from the original author.] Link to reddit post: goo.gl/Hp9T55 Disney's Animal Kingdom-Kilimanjaro Safaris Angelica [surname redacted] a week ago (One Star out of Five) Everything...
  2. Phineas

    What attraction quotes do you use in everyday life?

    Personally, whenever I'm exhausted at the end of the night, I'll find myself quoting John from the Carousel of Progress "I even hear tell of two brothers from North Carolina who are working on some kind of flying contraption. It'll never work." before exiting to my bedroom. I do this while...
  3. Phineas

    Did 20k only run during the day?

    One of my favorite attractions is The Jungle Cruise-and I always like to ride it at least once at night, as the experience is totally different, and almost scary as you wind through the show scenes. Anyway, I never got to experience 20k-it was closed for a refurb during my first visit and gone...
  4. Phineas

    What current attractions have you never experienced, despite having been to WDW?

    I thought it might be interesting to discuss this-I've been to WDW 15-20 times in my lifetime, but there are a couple attractions I've actually never taken the time to experience. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'll go first: Impressions de France [Or any of the World Showcase movies, for that...
  5. Phineas

    Bill Cosby statue to be removed at Hollywood Studios

    Saw this in my news feed this morning-sorry if it's in the wrong place. http://www.clickorlando.com/news/petition-calls-to-remove-bill-cosby-statue-at-disney-hollywood-studios/34038650 Really upsetting turn of events. I'd say this is probably the right (most sensitive) thing to do.
  6. Phineas

    How would you make your least favorite attraction even worse?

    I was at a party over the weekend and we got into this conversation: Of your least favorite/least frequented attractions in all the World, how could you make them even more undesirable? I'll go first: Disney Presents: The Hall of VICE Presidents! Nestled unnaturally in the heart of...
  7. Phineas

    Sebastian's voice

    Does anyone know why Samuel Wright doesn't voice Sebastian in the Disney parks? He's done the voice in the direct to DVD sequels, so I don't think it's a falling out with the Disney Company or anything like that. My issue is that his current voice actor for the parks constantly almost sounds...
  8. Phineas

    Maybe an indication of what to expect from Guillermo del Toro's Haunted Mansion movie...

    Hey, everyone. I went to see Mad Max last night, and one of the trailers beforehand was for del Toro's upcoming horror movie, Crimson Peak. Atmospherically, it reminded me of The Haunted Mansion. I'm kind of hoping that when his HM movie comes out at last, we get something along these lines, but...
  9. Phineas

    Any absolutely BIZZARE CM/Character experiences?

    Thought it might be fun to share anything just downright odd regarding past interactions/conversations with WDW cast members or characters. I have one that continues to be an inside joke with our family: On one of our visits when I was still in Middle School, on one of our last days, we were...
  10. Phineas

    What is your fantasy park souvenir?

    A little embracing of consumerism never hurt anybody-So what's the one thing you wish you could take home with you from the parks? I mean purchasing at a gift shop, not dismantling and smuggling a Maelstrom puffin out of Epcot. Personally, every time I see Mickey's Philharmagic, I wish they sold...
  11. Phineas

    Thunder Mountain/Haunted Mansion Connection?

    Just an idea, this may be far off, but the last time I rode Thunder Mountain, I noticed something. When you pass through the flooded mining town, you go by a man in a top hat scooping water out of his caravan. In my opinion, he bears a striking resemblance to Phineas, the 'traveler' hitchhiking...
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