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  1. Badger Brent

    Already linked MB's ?

    Is it possible to add a day to our 6 day base tickets if you've already linked it to MDE? Thanks!
  2. Badger Brent

    Move One Man's Dream to Innoventions?

    Saw this on Facebook and it really does make sense. Space that's not being utilized for its intended purpose. I know, it should be technology and innovative exhibits....well how's that working since the 1990's? It has theatres and open space to make a great exhibit. After everyone shoots...
  3. Badger Brent

    Condo purchase if you had the choice (area)

    . were a couple years away from moving to Florida, but on the next few trips down we want to start looking at areas to buy a condo. Between orlando and Tampa, but no more than 30-40 miles from Orlando. We will be in our mid to late 50's when we make the move. Give us your 1st choices on where...
  4. Badger Brent

    Magic Bands and food carts...

    I've looked on here and didn't see the anwser to my question I had. Will we be able to use our MB's at a soda, popcorn, icecream cart? I remember using our room cards and was wondering if they hooked up the MB's also. Otherwise we will have to carry more cash in the parks. Thanks...
  5. Badger Brent

    11/2/13 Just finished FP+ selections

    I had a few issues but got everything I wanted for FP+ as far as attractions and times for our 7 days in the park. Our dates are from 1/1/14-1/9/14. The main issue seemed to be trying to use a desktop. This would always tell me someone in our party was not eligible for the FP+ but the other 3...
  6. Badger Brent

    FP+ and party of 4 questioms...

    I have made all of the plans so far for our family. Will I be able to put 2 FP+ for my wife and daughter for say a show, and 2 for around the same time for my son and I for rollercoasters? I'm assuming all 4 don't have to be for the same attraction and time, correct?
  7. Badger Brent

    Osborne Lights question....

    I'm wondering how late will the lights will be on for the 2012 holidays. We will be there from Jan. 1st-9th, 2014. On Deb's allears.net, it states that it will be showing UNTIL the 1st week of Jan. Does that mean since Jan 1st, 2014 is a wed. Am I right in that it will go until Sunday the 5th...
  8. Badger Brent

    Finally doing US/IoA after 25+ trips to WDW!!

    We are traveling to Orlando at the end of March 2012. Have a few questions to ask. We will have a 2 day park to park ticket and we will be hitting US/IoA on a Thursday and Friday. 1. What are the historic open-close times for these parks for the end of March? 2. We would like to eat at a...
  9. Badger Brent

    Danica Patrick & Walt Disneyworld Speedway

    Was listed on Dale Earnhardt Jrs facebook page that Danica practiced her Grand National car at the speedway. Good to see the track used for some practice.
  10. Badger Brent

    Looking for Disney watches...

    My son is looking to buy a WDW or Disney themed watch while we're down there next week. I was going to have him look at the store on Main street in MK and the World of Disney store. Any other stores in the world he should check out? He wants to spend around $100 or so for it. Thanks, Brent
  11. Badger Brent

    Stave church change to Viking exhibit?

    Thought I would throw out there a question that doesn't pertain to the wand. When I was at the world in May, I was looking forward to showing my friend's that came with, the Stave church. It's used to be filled with the history of the construction and facts about the Norwegian culture and the...
  12. Badger Brent

    Birthday Wishes For SirNim!!

    Happy birthday to SirNim!!:wave:
  13. Badger Brent

    Blast!! Blew through Mad City, WI.

    This last Wed. night I took my family to the Madison Overture Center and saw a great show. When we saw Blast around 3 years ago at Epcot, we returned to see them play 3 times that trip. This time around the show was more technical and serious. Not quite what we saw at the Ameican Garden's...
  14. Badger Brent

    Proud daddy thread!

    Just got the word my DD 14 "Badger Princess", wil be her freshman rep for homecoming court. You know, you always wish happiness and the best for kids and she's on cloud 9 above Agrabah from Aladdin right now. I told her to be humble at school and be thrilled about the whole thing at home...
  15. Badger Brent

    Epcot, does it need a parade?

    I was wondering what the people would like to see. Is the world showcase lacking because of no parade? Is it better without one?
  16. Badger Brent

    Working outside of WDW?'s

    I plan within 6 years to move to Florida and start working hopefully for Disney in some capacity. Is it hard to line up cruise line jobs as cast members? What about Vero Beach? Anyone out there have experiences with trying to get jobs as cast members at these places. I have worked in the...
  17. Badger Brent

    LaQuinta lakeside Kississimme..Any experiences?

    We will be going to the world from nov 25 - Dec 1st and will be doing a quick cheap trip. Any comments on this hotel, good or bad? Thanks. :wave:
  18. Badger Brent

    I screwed UP!

    Steve, I accidently deleted my flower and garden thread... Can you put it back up?? It was on the WDW general discussion board. Please let me know if you can't. Thanks Brent Bergholz
  19. Badger Brent

    I got into a altercation @ F & G festival!!

    I got into a altercation @ F & G festival! Got a reply "NEW" My wife and I took a adults only trip and had a great week!! On the way out of Epcot we had a quick bite at Le Cellier and were about to head out for the airport with a quick stop back at WL valet for a special item they were...
  20. Badger Brent

    Bay Lake and future Hotels?

    I was wondering if there was anything now or in the past with regards to building a resort on the other side of Bay Lake. On the other side of Fort Wilderness and the golf course there seems to be quite a bit of unused land. I have no idea of accessability to this area, but more building on...
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