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  1. H20Babie

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    The current offers end September 29 so the early 2020 offers should be realeased soon after (also usually on a Tuesday for some reason).
  2. H20Babie

    New Mid-Day Ticket Option

    Too bad these are only for 4 days or less. We are late starters so it would make sense to us but we go for longer than 4 days.
  3. H20Babie

    Planning for an NBA Game

    Thanks! My son is 18, not so much a kid anymore. I'm looking at the NBA resale at club seats.
  4. H20Babie

    Planning for an NBA Game

    The NBA schedule just got released and my son's favorite team (Pacers) is playing the Magic while we are there in November. Is it hard/expensive to get 2 *decent* tickets? How do we get there from Pop, and what would the average travel time be? I've only been to NHL games - how much are the...
  5. H20Babie

    Guide to DLR for WDW Veterans!

    Hi there! I'm thinking about going to DL solo in 2020. Need some tips and recommendations. How many days do you need for both parks and DTD? Best time to go , weather and crowd-wise? Any recommendations for hotels (considering solo female traveler - I've heard some of the walks can be...
  6. H20Babie

    Pop or CBR

    Thanks for all your replies; I decided to stay at Pop and added a dining plan and memory makes, both of which I was on the fence about. I have stayed at all values, all moderates and some deluxe resorts (when money allows), so I know the pros and cons of each, but going solo is a little...
  7. H20Babie

    Pop or CBR

    I've stayed at CSR before and love the cabanas section. However, they are not refurbed yet and the construction is right there, so I've decided against that one this trip.
  8. H20Babie

    Pop or CBR

    DME to the resort only; hitting St. Pete afterwards and flying home out of Tampa.
  9. H20Babie

    Pop or CBR

    So, I came into a little extra money ... I am currently staying solo at Pop (standard) and can upgrade for $300 to CBR (preferred) last week of this March (28 days today!). I understand both are under some renovations/construction but which would you choose? TIA!
  10. H20Babie

    Afternoon tea at the garden view tea room

    Thanks! (Went online at 7am at 180 days and all times for the entire week were gone? Called the ADR line and they said it was possible that those date were not open for reservations yet, guess I'll keep trying).
  11. H20Babie

    Afternoon tea at the garden view tea room

    Really quick question, do you prepay or just hold with a credit card? I can't seem to find an answer on the Disney site or in any of the blogs etc. TIA
  12. H20Babie

    Fantasmic! Dessert Party - 180 days out

    My plans are pretty wide open other than my morning FP+ selections since I'm going solo and will have PH :)
  13. H20Babie

    Fantasmic! Dessert Party - 180 days out

    Thanks, I was thinking it might be a timeline thing but then saw that the MK dessert parties were available to book. I will definitely keep an eye out!
  14. H20Babie

    Fantasmic! Dessert Party - 180 days out

    Hi there, I am looking at booking the Fanstasmic! Dessert party at the end of March. My 180 days is coming up this weekend and all dates from January 1 onward are greyed out. Does anyone know whether this will be continuing in 2018? Or is there a different ADR timeline for these type of...
  15. H20Babie

    FP+ Selection Timing for First Day

    Hi everyone, I am planning a quickie solo vacay, and arrive at MCO at 12:40 pm, using DME to Pop, and planning to hit MK. What time should I make FastPass+ selections for? I am thinking 5 pm for some breathing room? Or do I need more time? TIA
  16. H20Babie

    Cirque du Soleil acquires Blue Man Group production company

    Couldn't find this when I searched, so thought I would post this here: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/cirque-du-soleil-acquires-blue-man-group-production-company/article35574125/?ref=https://www.theglobeandmail.com&service=mobile
  17. H20Babie

    Pop Century Room Question

    Thanks Rob, looks like I have some reading to do this weekend!
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