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  1. Tomi-Rocket

    Book FP One Day at a Time

    I will be making my FP picks soon and have a question. Can I make hard-to-get FP one at a time? Like on Mon a FoP FP, then move to Tue for SDD? Or do I have to make all three FP’s at once? Thank you!
  2. Tomi-Rocket

    Complained About New Parking Fees

    I was wondering if anyone has actually contacted Disney and complained about the new parking fees. If so, what was their reply? Thanks!
  3. Tomi-Rocket

    Star Wars Dessert Party - Worth it?

    Going to WDW later this year on a buddy trip with a friend and we want to do the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party. However, my question is...is it really worth it? They haven’t yet begun booking for it but I’d rather not spend the extra money if it’s a dud. :confused: Thank you!!
  4. Tomi-Rocket

    King rooms in CBR

    Just booked a king room at Caribbean Beach. It will be my first time staying there. Who knows what buildings the king rooms are located and any reccomendations for a certain building to request? Thanks!
  5. Tomi-Rocket


    We are vacationing soon and my dad is concerned about reports of looters and general problems of disarray around WDW and is a bit upset we're still going. I haven't seen anything that would make me cancel so I'm asking if anyone here experienced anything negative themselves or have seen it...
  6. Tomi-Rocket

    Love for the All-Star Sports....

    So my DH and I are staying at the All-Star Sports in a few weeks (!), it's our first time staying there soooo.... Let me hear some love for the AS Sports!
  7. Tomi-Rocket

    Wish WL was added....

    I was looking at the map of all of Disney World and noticed that Wilderness Lodge is so close to the Contemporary that it would be awesome if the WL we're added to the monorail line. I know it would cost a lot of money, even though they'd only have to add a little curve Togo to the WL. I was...
  8. Tomi-Rocket

    Can each MB have a gift card attached?

    Hi all, we are leaving tomorrow for our trip that starts on Fri (!!) and I have one question about the Magic Bands and gift cards. Both my sons have gift cards and I was wondering if we'd be able to attach each of their gift cards to their own MB's at the front desk when checking in? Thanks!
  9. Tomi-Rocket


    I am FINALLY able to the super, duper happy dance and join the paid off club! AND on top of that I was also able to get our MVMCP tickets! I am SO EXCITED, this has been kind of a sucky year so this is such a fantastic feeling, I'm definitely riding high!
  10. Tomi-Rocket

    Sub app for dessert?

    Quick question for those who have used the regular dining plan while at WDW - has anyone asked or been able to substitute an appetizer for a dessert? My DH would absolutely prefer to have an appetizer over dessert and he plans on asking every restaurant we visit if he can make the switch (never...
  11. Tomi-Rocket

    Refillable mugs....

    This is a silly question but I was wondering this - are the lid colors for the refillable mugs all the same or different for different resorts? I always thought that they were different because when I was at Pop last year our resort had black, pink and blue but I saw others with green, orange...
  12. Tomi-Rocket

    Which building at Coronado Springs?

    Okay, so we switched today to Coronado Springs. I have to admit that this was not a resort I ever cared to stay at so I've never really read up on it. But a mistake by a CM and finances forced us to stay here. I've been doing some research and I am getting a little excited to stay here, the only...
  13. Tomi-Rocket

    Our first major roadblock - ever....

    So this morning I called to see if a room discount could be applied to our reservation and got a very unpleasant surprise. We have made a few changes to our vacation, starting out in a family suite at AoA, then switching to two rooms at AS:S and finally ending up at a family suite with AS:M...
  14. Tomi-Rocket

    Trip & cruise combo....

    I'm helping a friend plan a trip for next year and thought I remembered that Disney no longer does park/cruise packages, is that correct?
  15. Tomi-Rocket

    All-Star Music Family Suites....

    We are staying in the ASMusic family suites for the first time this year and was wondering where they are located in the Calypso building?
  16. Tomi-Rocket

    Brazilian tour groups and Magic Bands

    I was telling my DH how we should be grateful we don't go to WDW in the summer because of 1. Crowds 2. Heat 3. Brazilian tour groups. I was telling him how I've read horror stories about the tour groups singing and chanting, being rude, cutting in line and hogging the fastpass machine sometimes...
  17. Tomi-Rocket

    Anybody else excited about Magic Bands?

    All I see are complaints and people who don't want any part of the new Magic Bands while I'm excited about the prospect! Now, I am waiting to see what some true reviews say (like from WDWmagic fans) not what Disney releases before I decide whether or not we'll try them on our trip later this...
  18. Tomi-Rocket

    All ADR's but one....

    I got all our ADR's this morning but one. California Grill is still not taking reservations so I'll need to keep my eyes peeled for when they do. However, I DID get Be Our Guest for the time we wanted!! So excited especially since I had nothing but frustration trying to make our ADR's on the...
  19. Tomi-Rocket

    ADR's - online or call?

    Sunday I make the ADR's for our trip (so excited!!) but I cannot decide if I should call or make them online. I was all set to go online but recently I've seen posts about people having trouble making ADR's online. Thoughts?
  20. Tomi-Rocket

    More TTA....

    I love the TTA and it got me thinking how I wish all the parks had this ride. HS version could go through ToT and RnR, AK could go through EE and it would be cool to go over KRR but I think it's too far and finally the EP version could go through TT and Soarin'. What rides would you choose to...
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