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  1. pax_65

    Recent Beer Price Increases

    I've been going to WDW for almost 20 years. As a craft beer fan I've long been aware that beer prices in Disney are higher than your typical bar. But I've always figured, "Heck... it's Disney and it's vacation." and I'd have a beer or two while walking around Epcot or sitting by the pool...
  2. pax_65

    The Magic Lives (and I'm a little surprised)

    For those of you who know me, I've been pretty negative on these boards lately. I'm not a fan of MM+, unhappy with rising prices and grumpy about crowd levels in the parks. I'm also very picky about things I don't feel are up to the Disney "show" standard. Well... I just returned from 8 days in...
  3. pax_65

    Couples Fun for a Special Trip

    My wife and I are heading to WDW to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We've been to WDW numerous times but I wanted to surprise her with something unique that we've never done before. We already have some dinner plans, although I'm not ruling out another meal if it would be really extraordinary...
  4. pax_65

    My Magic vs. THE Magic

    I just returned from a WDW trip, and it was great as usual. Aside from the usual complaints (mostly involving the pathetic state of Futureworld) I found the parks to be in great shape and Cast Members to be helping guests have a magical experience as usual. So I'm asking myself... why do I feel...
  5. pax_65

    Do Discounts Hurt DVC Value?

    I'm just wondering if anyone out there has taken the time to analyze how Disney's heavy discounting affects the value of their DVC purchase. I've been a DVC member for years and love the accommodations, but it does sting a little when you hear of people getting rooms at a Deluxe at huge...
  6. pax_65

    Bay Lake Tower & Grad Night Disappointment

    We made our first-ever reservations at the Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort for May 6th and 7th... I was actually surprised we got the reservations because they are tough to get (we've tried before). Then I realized why we were able to get them - May 6th and May 7th are Grad Nights at...
  7. pax_65

    First Night Hotel - Airport to Disney

    In April we're heading down for a stay at the Beach Club Villas and Old Key West (two of our favorite resorts). I wasn't able to get a room at Beach Club for our first night (we're on the wait list), but that's ok since our flight won't arrive until late anyway. So I need a hotel for just one...
  8. pax_65

    Spots for a Romantic Dinner?

    My wife and I are heading down to Disney in a few weeks to celebrate our anniversary. We want to pick a spot for a nice, romantic dinner. It doesn't have to be too fancy, but we'd like someplace with really good food. Steak, seafood, Italian, French would probably be out top choices but we're...
  9. pax_65

    Question: "Aristocats" Bus?

    I think this was asked before but I couldn't find it in a search of the forums. While in Disney last week I saw several buses with "Aristocats" written on them. What the heck is that? Is this a bus for some kind of special event? Thanks!
  10. pax_65

    Samawati Springs - new AKL pool

    We're staying at the new AKL villas (Kidani Village) in May. I've heard the building will be open on schedule, and that the new pool (Samawati Springs) MAY be open. A cast member told me that "this pool will put Stormalong Bay to shame." I have a very difficult time believing that. But I'm...
  11. pax_65

    Doing Something Special

    We go to Disney every year, and I thought it would be fun to add something special to this year's trip (in May). I was thinking about maybe doing one of the backstage tours, which we've never done... but I thought I'd throw it out to the group for discussion. Thanks!
  12. pax_65

    Do More Hotels = More Crowds?

    I think back to 1991, the first time I was in WDW. I believe the Caribbean Beach Resort was a few years old. "Dixie Landings" (PO Riverside) was just built and I think "Port Orleans" (PO French Quarter) was under contruction. "The Disney Vacation Club" (Old Key West) was partially open while...
  13. pax_65

    Off-Property Dog Kennel?

    My in-laws will be traveling to South Florida by car with their dog and plan to stop by WDW for a few days. They did this last year and used the Disney kennel facilities and were NOT satisfied - they want a full-service kennel that has exercise runs, will walk your dog for you, etc. I did a...
  14. pax_65

    Just Got Back... Thoughts on Disney - Good & Bad

    Just returned from a week in WDW... this was probably about my 15th trip in the past 16 years, and it was one of our best trips ever. The Disney magic is alive and well. THE GOOD... * Disney service. We found service across the board to be up to the Disney standards we expect. This...
  15. pax_65

    Animal Kingdom Veterinary Activities?

    In Animal Kingdom (Conservation Station) guests can watch as Disney vets care for the animals - anything from routine checkups to emergency surgeries. My daughter is really into vets (she says she wants to be one when she grows up, we'll see). We had a blast watching a surgery on a bat (!)...
  16. pax_65

    Buzz Score: 999,999

    In our last trip to WDW, my 8-year-old daughter scored 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear! I noticed when we went by one scene that she shot something that made a volcano appear to erupt. I had never noticed this happening before. I think that's where she might have scored mega points. Anyone have...
  17. pax_65

    Cinderella Princess of the Day?

    Anyone know how they choose a "princess" for this? Just random out of the crowd or what? We're leaving tomorrow (YIPPEE!) and will be down all next week. Maybe I'll make my daughter a giant sign that says PICK ME! :)
  18. pax_65

    GMR Major Rehab?

    I remember hearing a LONG time ago a rumor that plans were being considered for a major rehab of the Great Movie Ride. The idea was apparently to use 3D immersive technology like Universal's Spiderman along with sets and audio-animatronics to produce a more realistic immersive experience - like...
  19. pax_65

    OKW Pool Slide

    I heard OKW was putting in a cool slide... good news for my kids! I've heard the construction is supposed to start this summer, but does anyone know when the slide is supposed to be open? Also, is the pool going to be closed at all during the construction? We're going in the Fall, but I'd be...
  20. pax_65

    Hilton Head DVC Waitlist

    My wife and I had the (rather late) idea of going to Disney's Hilton Head Resort this summer on DVC points. The resort is pretty much jammed... we are on the waitlist. I've never been to HH before... I know in DisneyWorld, the waitlists work pretty well because people are always moving around...
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