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  1. DisneyDreamer08

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    Question about last years Play Stay Dine- if you stay in a moderate, did you have to get the regular dining plan or could you get the quick service plan?
  2. DisneyDreamer08

    News PhotoPass at some character locations being replaced by automated cameras

    Next up- the Anna & Elsa meet and greet in Epcot 😩 http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2019/09/17/another-automated-photopass-camera-appears-in-epcots-world-showcase/?fbclid=IwAR1Mt5KQRUV7ncmgPDQJrQTCae6f8rooCJuffRZh95aiVktgl62txPZcYao
  3. DisneyDreamer08

    August vs September

    We went at the end September in 2016. My oldest had just started kindergarten. I was super nervous about pulling her for a week but her teacher didn’t mind at all. She was a huge Disney fan herself and said she didn’t blame us for not going in the summer 😂 She did give my daughter quite a bit of...
  4. DisneyDreamer08

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    It also depends on your resort a lot as well. We did free dining back in September 2016, staying at Sports. The room discount was 20% / night for values, so maybe we would save $200 for our entire stay. Obviously two free quick service meals a day, snacks, and free refillable mugs was the (much)...
  5. DisneyDreamer08

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    Here are last years discounts, for reference. If it was me, I’d stick with free dining.
  6. DisneyDreamer08

    Changes to Fastpass+ Tiers at Hollywood Studios Effective 8.29

    Oh boo. Someone said in a different Star Wars thread that both rides would open with single rider. It would make it so much easier for my husband to experience both attractions while I am with my girls at the Frozen sing a long 😁
  7. DisneyDreamer08

    Changes to Fastpass+ Tiers at Hollywood Studios Effective 8.29

    Thanks for all the responses. Both Star Wars rides have single rider, correct? I’m in the early stages of FP planning for our January trip :)
  8. DisneyDreamer08

    Changes to Fastpass+ Tiers at Hollywood Studios Effective 8.29

    So the 2nd Star Wars ride opens 12/5, meaning people staying club level should have their 90 day access now right? Has anyone heard if the structure is changing at that time?
  9. DisneyDreamer08


    Disney does a great job with their quick service options. There are a lot of really unique and delicious quick service spots- especially in Epcot and Animal Kingdom. A lot of people think of places like McDonald’s when they hear ‘quick service’ but, you never have to eat just burgers and fries...
  10. DisneyDreamer08

    When will Galaxys Edge have Fast Pass?

    DL’s version is essentially what WDW’s used to be. Getting paper fast passes one at a time through out the day. I actually much prefer that system, there was less pre-planning involved and it was easier to get multiple FPs in the same day. However, we are a rope drop family. The problem with the...
  11. DisneyDreamer08

    News Epcot International Festival of the Arts 2020

    We will be in Epcot on Friday 1/17. Are there any ‘must-dos’ at this festival?
  12. DisneyDreamer08

    When will Galaxys Edge have Fast Pass?

    The 2nd Star Wars ride opens 12/5 so the 90 day window for club level guests should be happening soon right? I’m curious if when the 2nd ride opens, they add FP for the first.
  13. DisneyDreamer08

    News Disney to offer discount on new MagicBand designs as an optional alternative to complimentary solid color MagicBands

    They really need to fix it so you order 30 or 45 days out. I’ve seen so many posts from people so excited to get their special bands whose trips are more than 6 months away. No wonder the system can't handle all the orders.
  14. DisneyDreamer08

    Rise of the Resistance Thread

    Oh this is great to know, thanks. So both rides were built with a single rider line, to be utilized at some point? We are going in January, myself, husband and 2 little girls. Only my husband is interested in the rides. So this is great news.
  15. DisneyDreamer08

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opening day reports - Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Plenty for a party of 1 :) We are going in January and I made a reservation for my husband in the very slim chance that the virtual queueing is in effect. My two girls and myself are not interested so much in the land so we will go do something else while my husband checks it out and hopefully...
  16. DisneyDreamer08

    News Disney Genie digital assistant coming to Walt Disney World

    It sounds like Disney wants us to be staring at our phones all day 🤔
  17. DisneyDreamer08

    Hard to get photos

    These pictures would be hard to get now ;) Flamingos in Epcot, and views from the sky ride
  18. DisneyDreamer08

    Hard to get photos

    This is not good quality so I apologize. This is my husband, about 5 or 6, being dangled upside down by Goofy. It is framed in our house and I recently tried to take it out of the frame and it stuck to the glass, causing all those little white rips. We are trying to track down the original to...
  19. DisneyDreamer08

    Hard to get photos

    My husband and I went to the Halloween party once in 2009 and foolishly wasted a ridiculous amount of time in character lines. This was our longest wait-
  20. DisneyDreamer08

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    Reading through all this wondering if it will be a beautiful, educational water themed walk through OR a splash pad and I’m thinking UGH please don’t let it be a splash pad! My kids either get soaked in their clothes and are uncomfortable for hours or, I have to go through the hassle of...
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