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  1. dvcnut39

    Under the Sea update

    Was in MK on 15OCT12, and was lucky enough to ride Under the Sea twice during "dress rehearsals". The first time was around 1400hrs. The ride still has it's bugs. We were stuck in front of Ursula for almost ten minutes. When we exited the ride, we noticed that the CMs were preventing any...
  2. dvcnut39

    Just received some great mail today

    31 days out and just received our DME package. Can't wait to get going. We will staying at BCV from 12-18OCT and the at BLT from 18-21OCT. Here is our itinerary. Let me know what you think. 12- Whispering Canyon for son in law's 21st birthday 13- DHS- Sci- Fi 14- USF & IOA- Love WWoHP 15-...
  3. dvcnut39

    Great news!

    My dd was married on 14OCT11 and we are taking them to WDW for their first anniversary. Just got off the phone with WDW and was able to book the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party for Monday, 15OCT12. Can't tell you how happy this makes me.
  4. dvcnut39

    IF&WF question

    We've never been to IF&WF and we need a little help. We are basically just interested in the food booths. Are questions are- What time does the food booths open, can you just go and buy what you want, and is there anything else that we need to know? Thanks
  5. dvcnut39

    Our dining plans- what do you think?

    We are going to be in WDW from 12-21OCT12. What do you think of our plans? Beaches and Cream Sci Fi Dine In Flame Tree and hopefully Be Our Guest International Food and Wine T Rex Columbia Harbor House and Cosmic Rays Chef Mickeys (breakfast) Coral Reef
  6. dvcnut39

    Switching resorts during trip help

    We are going to WDW from 12-21 OCT12. We are staying at BVC from 12th-18th, then we are switching to BLT for the last three nights. My question is- how to get our luggage from BCV to BLT on the 18th. Our problem is that we are planning going to early entry at MK on the 18th, and then...
  7. dvcnut39

    Quick Service Help

    We are taking an "extra" vacation this year and funds are a little low. We've suffered numerous crippling losses, health wise, to our family warlier this year and I figured the best way to help get us out of the blues is a WDW trip. Our problem is, with the low funds, we are skipping the DDP...
  8. dvcnut39

    small BLT add-on

    While on a recent DCL trip, we decided to purchase a small add-on at BLT. This guarantees us a MK view every three years for MVMCP :)
  9. dvcnut39

    a few questions

    We are taking the 7 night eastern Caribbean cruise from 7-14MAY11. We have a few questions for the experts. 1.) We have sailed with Disney before, therefore we are Castaway Club members. What exactly is our boarding procedure. What are our boarding perks for being Club members? We...
  10. dvcnut39

    Big Hollywood Studios Rumor

    Bumped into a vacationing Imagineer yesterday at the Studios. Grilled him pretty good about future plans at the Studios. After twenty minutes of questioning, he did smile at me and said that there is plenty of room behind Lights, Motors, Action for a major attraction by the end of 2012. He...
  11. dvcnut39

    Spa treatment- Grand Floridian

    My wife has had a bad two years. I reserved a 50 minute personalized massage for her at The Grand Floridian. I was just wondering if anyone else had done this and I'm looking for some reviews. Thanks, Mark
  12. dvcnut39

    Final ADR's- What do you think?

    Hopefully these are final- staying at BCV from 3-12AUG10. Going with DW and both DD (18 & 9). Tusker House (lunch) 50's Prime Time (dinner) Crystal Palace (dinner) 'Ohanas (dinner) Akershus (dinner) Chef Mickey's (breakfast) Cape May Cafe (surprise 18th bday party-...
  13. dvcnut39

    A little help please

    Like most of us on here, I'm kind of a Disney nut. I feel that I'm good with most of the parks, resorts, DTD, The Boardwalk, etc... My question is for the true experts is- I haven't been to WDW in three years. We are going to be there from 3AUG-12AUG10. What new attractions, fireworks...
  14. dvcnut39

    I Pod touch & BCV

    My wife recently bought me an I Pod touch. My question is- Will my I Pod automatically pick up the internet while we are in Beach Club or do I have to change some settings? Sorry for being so ignorant about these new gadgets, but I am getting old. Thanks in advance.
  15. dvcnut39

    Critique of our ADR's

    We just booked our ADR's for our August trip. We would appreciate your input on our picks. We're pretty excited that we got all of our 1st picks. Tusker House- lunch 50's- dinner Crystal Palace- dinner 'Ohana- dinner Chef Mickey's- breakfast Restaurant Marrakesh- lunch Akershus- dinner...
  16. dvcnut39

    August 2010 EMH days

    I need your best educated guess which parks will have EMH for the mornings and evenings during our stay. We will be checking in on 3AUG10 and leaving 12AUG10. We want to make our ADR ASAP, but would like to know the EMH schedule prior to doing so. I know you guys can help. Thanks in advance...
  17. dvcnut39

    Best bang for your meal?

    This not a "what's your favorite" or "what's the best value" thread, but rather, in your opinion, which restaurant gives you the most for the three categories listed below- I'll give mine. Counter Service- Wolfgang Puck's Express (DTD) Buffet or family style- Cape May Cafe (Dinner)...
  18. dvcnut39

    Be Our Guest- Wishful thinking

    I tried to do a search and didn't find anything. What I'm hoping for is to have the new Be Our Guest restaurant themed as it was in the movie, but hopefully with some of the flair of Animator's Palate from the cruise ships. I think the Imagineers could do a great job with this :shrug: What...
  19. dvcnut39

    Concierge & DDP

    I realize that we aren't going to WDW for another 18 months, but I'm looking for some insight. We are DVC members and next year we are going to have some extra points so I think we are going to stay at AKV's concierge level. If this was you, would you still pay for the DDP or just pay as you...
  20. dvcnut39

    2010 Pop Warner dates?

    Just got the go ahead to start planning a DEC10 trip :sohappy:. My only concern in when Pop Warner will be at WDW. I realize that it is early, but if anyone has any information on their dates, we would really appreciate the help.
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