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  1. The_Jobu

    Corn dogs are coming to Sleepy Hollow

    Don't worry, the funnel cakes are still safe. http://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201707/5652/
  2. The_Jobu

    A new Doctor is coming, how you feeling?

    Me? I'm grumpy and butthurt. You may commence throwing vegetables at me now.
  3. The_Jobu

    Does Oasis Canteen actually exist?

    I was looking forward to a funnel cake at Hollywood Studios, so I followed the website, and there was nothing there. The CM's said there's nowhere to get funnel cakes at the Studios and it's been like that for years. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/hollywood-studios/oasis-canteen/...
  4. The_Jobu

    Picking up MB's at resort before check-in

    I've tried to search if this question has been asked before and nothing came up, so apologies if I missed something. I am staying on-site but I don't live in the US so my only option is to pick up my MB's at the resort. The issue is our first planned day at the parks is also the day of...
  5. The_Jobu

    The Rose & Crown & Fireworks & Questions

    Howdy all, I've read that the patio at Rose & Crown is a great place to catch the 9pm fireworks. The latest reservation I could get was 7:05pm with the fireworks at 9. My question is: Would it be A) rude and B) worthwhile to try and stretch out our dinning until 9pm (2 hours later) or am I...
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