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  1. KeithVH

    How To ideas for carrying SD cards

    Anyone remember these? Allowed you to carry an extra roll on your strap. Some of the 70's wide straps even had sewn in elastic loops for the same purpose. But what about SD cards? I have all sorts of larger, heavy, (and waterproof) cases to carry anywhere from 6 to 18 cards at once. But lets...
  2. KeithVH

    Katie, is that you?

    Story here. But what caught my eye was this: Either it's her(!) OR the name has become such a thing people now use it as a handle (proly that<G>). Enquiring minds want to know.
  3. KeithVH

    Decline of PP efforts overall

    Interesting article here. While I take the assumptions with a REALLY BIG grain of salt, the writer does raise some interesting points. Especially the masses vs the hobbyist/pro and how much time is spent or wasted on things that could be automated. I don't think I'll ever want to give up the...
  4. KeithVH

    CEOs decide shareholder aren't their problem . . .

    <mods, feel free to move> This popped up today. I can't seem to find the complete list of signatories. Does anyone know if Iger was one of them? If that were the case, a whole LOT of arguments here based around the raison d'etre of "shareholder value" became worthless. Then again, the tenet of...
  5. KeithVH

    And yet another Ariel . . .

    I'm not even sure where to go with this anymore. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/little-mermaid-live-starring-aulii-cravalho-set-at-abc-1229130 I'm thinking we need to start a Highlander-type series here. "There can be only one!"
  6. KeithVH

    "The more things change . . ." well, what would you do?

    Only a few years ago, I remember every other post in the forums was "Eisner stinks", Eisner is the avatar of doom", "Eisner knows your momma", "the only thing wrong with Disney is Eisner". It didn't matter which park (they're obviously both the same), or which issue (just didn't matter). Now...
  7. KeithVH

    How do you say it?

    So. For those of you who took an English 400 level course. Zoology is pronounced with a hard o right after the z (link to correct sounding). Why isn't Zootopia sounded out the same way?
  8. KeithVH

    Poly needs your $$$

    Since we no longer patronize the Poly, I would normally say it won't bother me. But just yet another indication of the slow spiral downwards. Fixed link with bitly
  9. KeithVH

    External flash - tell me I gotta have it in the bag

    How many of you take a flash on your visit? If so, do you really end up using it that much? Have a long trip coming up (EBPC cruise and the World) and it is just me and the wife so I don't have to worry about taking family shots, etc. Trying to talk myself out of taking yet another piece of gear...
  10. KeithVH

    Better wait time estimation

    So we have FLIK cards which are sent through a queue periodically. Yes, pretty accurate but not necessarily consistent. Then there's the phone apps that aggregate individual's arbitrary input of the time they think. Neither are perfect. Why can't they use the MagicBands? They know, within a...
  11. KeithVH

    Crowds are down? Curious about the claims . . .

    Article here seems legit but I just don't know. Not after the last year and announcements around traffic and revenue. Just curious and not looking to start an argument We're going after Labor Day anyway so no big thing to me.
  12. KeithVH

    Policy change on tripods?

    Not a rumor but hearsay. There seems to be a potential change at DLR about tripod usage in the parks. You can take a tripod in as long as it fits INSIDE a standard backpack. That's not really a change. However, there's been a report security is saying you cannot EXTEND the unit, it must remain...
  13. KeithVH

    Panama Canal lock collapse

    Submitted w/o comment https://www.yahoo.com/news/panama-canal-traffic-normal-despite-lock-wall-collapse-195808133.html
  14. KeithVH

    Debarkation strategy-keep your luggage or not?

    While I understand the process of leaving your luggage outside the door the night before and character/colors, is it easier to keep your luggage on the last day? We are GOES member so going through customs for us is a breeze (or should be if the port has the kiosks). We plan to be off the ship...
  15. KeithVH

    Help! Canon glass on a Sony alpha?

    To all you Sony a6000 fans out there. Anyone have any experience with using an adapter to Canon EF lenses on this body? On the proverbial dilemma horns here whether to get a new Canon DSLR body or start migrating to mirrorless. Problem is, good Sony lenses seem disproportionately expensive...
  16. KeithVH

    Dole Whip in the Seattle area

    DD sent me this: Blissberri at the Bellevue mall for those game to try it.
  17. KeithVH

    MDE and 180 day weirdness

    Logging in to MDE tonight, after midnight EST, and our profile states 180 days. Click to reserve dining, select establishment, and try to get the first day of the stay of 9/9 (180 days from 3/13). Unfortunately, you can only select 9/6. What's wrong with this picture? Anyone else having this...
  18. KeithVH

    Narcoossee Wishes Dessert party?

    ThemeParkTourist is reporting that, in March, there will be a testing of a Wishes dessert party on Fridays at Narcoossee's. "This special event will begin inside the restaurant 30 minutes before the fireworks display, where guests in attendance can enjoy a variety of desserts including cannoli...
  19. KeithVH

    Car rental at the Cape

    Anyone have recent experience with a car rental AFTER the cruise at Cape Canaveral? I found some older comments on other boards, both good and bad, but trying to see if the situation has changed any. Like forever lines, bad/no shuttles, running out of cars. And then others who just breeze...
  20. KeithVH

    Be quiet and go make me a sammich . . .

    Interesting article in the WaPo. Ready. Fight!
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