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  1. _Scar

    Taking the World by storm! 2011 BLT/AKL Kidani trip!

    Just got back from my 8 day stay at the world! 07/31-08/08 Went by nice and easy, not too fast-not too slow either. Let's just get to a few notes before we begin: I've been to WDW so many times, so this time was more about EATING and enjoyin the resorts. I went on this trip with...
  2. _Scar

    Help with Savannah View @ AKL

    Title says it all! I really need help! What savannah is the best all around (in terms of animals, area, privacy,etc) and what floor offers the best experience? And what are some other recommendations you might have?? Anything will help :)
  3. _Scar

    Need BLT pictures/advice/reviews

    We're staying there this July and we're super excited, but there seems to be a strange lack of BLT pictures/reviews/TRs. We're staying in a Bay Lake view room and also would like some opinions on were to request our room to be. Or if you have any advice or comments to help us with our stay it'd...
  4. _Scar

    Governors flock to Disney World (when they shouldn't be)

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/28/chris-christie-disney-world-snow-storm_n_802007.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/27/rick-scott-disney-world_n_801761.html I guess this is good publicity for WDW (: Everyone wants to be here!
  5. _Scar

    Your favorite 2 dining credit option?

    We were looing into possibly upgrading our 5 day DP to 7 day DP and do 5 single credit restaurants and one signature/dinner show. But we are trying to justify what gives up the most "bang for your buck" for 2 credits, otherwise we'd just do 2 more single credit restaurants instead...
  6. _Scar

    A few new DVC rumors

    From Mouse Owners DVC News http://www.mouseowners.com/forums/showthread.php?p=401541 From What I've read here from another thread here, it appears River Country isn't going anywhere. Interesting about the GF situation. Does the spa do bad or is DVC really this popular enough to evict...
  7. _Scar

    DVC + free Dining Plan question

    We are planning on staying on pointsd for our Summer trip in 2011 through DVC points for 5 nights. If we get a magic your way ticket, can we add the free dining plan to it- OR must we pay for both the tickets and dining plan? :shrug:
  8. _Scar

    Various Restaurant Questions

    1.) Does Ratatouille visit and greet guests for dinner at CdF? Will he summer 2011? Is it cool enough to go out of your way to do? 2.) How much of a show does your waitress put on at 50's Prime Time Cafe? Is it too much or very subtle? We're not the ones to be put in the center of attention...
  9. _Scar

    Contemporary Restaurant?

    I remember as a young child eating at my first ever Disney restaurant at the Contemporary near Chef Mickey's and underneath the monorail, but I just can't figure out where we ate.... It for sure wasn't Chef Mickey's because there was no buffet or characters... but we were very close. In...
  10. _Scar

    Teppan Edo question

    My family was wondering if the meats served were spiced at all? My mom can't have spices and my mom and dad strongly dislike them, so will it be an issue to request no seasoning or is it already on the meat? :shrug: Sorry if this is a stupid question
  11. _Scar

    _Scar's Vacation @ the Disney World and Wizarding World

    Before I head straight into my trip report I'd like to tell you I had a GREAT time! In fact, this was my favorite vacation I've ever had which I spent with my wonderful family. Although not a cruise or exotic destination to a common Floridian, WDW (& Universal) offer something so magical and...
  12. _Scar

    Did I miss Dumbo on Blu Ray?

    I thought Snow White DVD said it'd come out in Feb. but I haven't even seen one commercial on it. I was really looking forward to buying it ):
  13. _Scar

    What are the odds of getting the room you requested with your reservation?

    I need some last minute advice. So, I've booked through renting thru DVC and I've attached a note saying that I'd like to stay at Congress Park. Does Disney usually make good on trying to comply with your request? If not at first, is there an alternative they offer? Will they give you a 2nd...
  14. _Scar

    BLT- and not the tower

    Where can I find the best BLT sandwich on property? What about BLT burger? :shrug: That's all. :animwink:
  15. _Scar

    Need help deciding where to stay in September/Oct. and Novemeber/Dec

    I'm going to rent more DVC points and I've figured it's best to reserve asap. So, which resorts are best for both Halloween-time and Christmas-time? I mean "best" as in the most festive- y'know? :shrug: I figured BLT for Halloween, but I want to stay somewhere else during Christmas-time...
  16. _Scar

    Staying thru DVC at the Saratoga Springs...

    And I was wondering if the people who rent get an idea of where they will be staying. I'd love to stay at Congress Park. I know a few DVC places have their own seperate building, does SSR? The person I'm renting from made me believe it would all be decided on check in, so asking for a room...
  17. _Scar

    Quick Question about hotel reservation cancellation

    I recently discovered how to rent DVC points and now I will be staying at the SSR. I, however, previously booked POFQ and payed it off already. I was wondering how long it would take for us to get the money back for the POFQ reservation and do you think it will be a problem? :shrug:
  18. _Scar

    Anyone have points for rent for my last minute DVC planning

    I booked POFQ, but have recently discovered the art of renting DVC points. I'm not picky and I just need a studio for the week of 7/31 to 8/7. ANY help would be appreciated including giving me the contact information of people who could help me out in anyway. Thanks everyone!
  19. _Scar

    New Walt Disney World WATER PARKS Commercial

    Since when has WDW had a commercial that DID NOT focus on what you could find in any other Disney resort around the globe? :shrug: I LOVE the uniqueness and animation. :sohappy: So, here, take a look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdMpRoAkkGw FdMpRoAkkGw
  20. _Scar

    Do you have any fun activities to pass the time by while waiting in line?

    Simple question. I need some ideas. :lol: Usually I just try to find clever ways to sit down without actually sitting on the floor lol, but that's just boring! What about you?
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