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  1. Kman101

    Entertainment cuts

    Some Disney fans just don't want to hear the ugly truths about the company. They don't seem to understand you can still love the parks but also be aware of how they operate ... and frankly I think some defend just to get a reaction from some of us ... lol
  2. Kman101

    News Layoffs taking place September 2019

    Because it is every fall. They panic and cut and lay off. It never stays slow. Why don't they get this?? There's a reason Food and Wine, Galaxy's Edge opened during the slowest part of the season. They know it's historically their only slow period left. And I'm glad it didn't work. There's also...
  3. Kman101

    Entertainment cuts

    And they can't even bother having them meet guests in Pixar Place at the Studios either ... why not have them out? The street is dead now.
  4. Kman101

    News Mizner's Lounge to be expanded at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort into a Beauty and the Beast inspired lounge

    It's a Disney Hotel silly ;) That's all that matters The Uncle Bobs swear guests want "More Disney" Voila. Beauty and the Beast inspired bar
  5. Kman101

    Entertainment cuts

    Unless I lived 10-30 minutes away I wouldn't do a platinum and I had no interest in upgrading just for the hope at getting SW previews. I'm good. lol. And a magnet is cute but ... they could very easily get our money but they do so little ... IMHO (I'm sure many will jump to their defense)
  6. Kman101

    News Tomorrowland love

    Which how many of us predicted years ago? lol "A meet and greet is good enough" ... Notice how simple meet and greets are now being called an "Experience"
  7. Kman101

    News Liberty Square to Fantasyland walkway to be widened behind Cinderella Castle

    It's a bad look. And yep, I expected you'd say that, lol. I know they're still landscaping. The main problem is where they put the little trees then covered it up. Are they fixing that? Maybe explain what still needs to be done so we're not critical when it's not deserved ;) I'm completely...
  8. Kman101

    Entertainment cuts

    I wish I never upgraded to gold earlier this year, lol. So back to a lower pass next time, if I even get one ... I'm just spending less time in the parks and can't really find a justification for a gold pass when they aren't even included anymore in anything (unless it's to buy vastly overpriced...
  9. Kman101

    Entertainment cuts

    So tired of the constant entertainment cuts. Especially this one. MK is barebones as it is. Sigh. Typical behavior from them every year around this time. They panic because it's slow. It never stays slow. Yet they panic and cut.
  10. Kman101

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    Despite the IP tie-in, I think a water trail isn't the worst to lead into The Seas. But what I see is compromise between those who want to stay true to EPCOT Center and those who want IPCot. Moana as a tie in can always be removed. As long as the bones of what comes is nice. If we're stuck with...
  11. Kman101

    News Astro Orbiter Problems?

    So are there actual problems? Are they just not in a hurry? Have I missed the reason both this and Whirl are down? They can demo Whirl for all I care ... And it'd be a shame for Disneyland to go through all that work and not move the real crowd blocker: Astro on the ground. I hope that's part...
  12. Kman101

    AP Simba magnets all gone at AK

    Why are you surprised? And why can't someone care about a free magnet? Just because you don't no one else should either? Then why be in this thread? A bigger deal is made over them than necessary but I'd be annoyed too if they ran out. It's not like we get much as AP holders ... and I like the...
  13. Kman101

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opening day reports - Disney's Hollywood Studios

    You must have missed the loud roar of invisible ships passing above you? The land isn't meant to have background music because it's meant to be a 'real' place we're visiting. Do you have background music in your real life? I do agree some of these are flaws to the average person, or who's used...
  14. Kman101

    AP Simba magnets all gone at AK

    Epcot doesn't seem to run out. I think they might have on occasion but they have boxes full. I imagine castmembers are helping themselves to make a buck or they're giving away tons. But I often see them police it fairly well, so who knows? I mean, the fact is, it's "free" and APs don't get much...
  15. Kman101

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    Yep. I said as much, was dismissed, lol and said "nope busses are going" .... but yet here they are sticking around for at least now.
  16. Kman101

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    Was just going off official transportation pamphlet that says busses are continuing. But I imagine over time they reduce them. But we all know plans can change ... lol
  17. Kman101

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    So .... I see busses will continue. I thought this was to get rid of busses from those resorts now with Gondola's? Folks swore up and down. I said wait and see ...
  18. Kman101

    RUMOR!-Fantasmic! to recieve updates or be replaced by 2020.

    Personally I don't like the Pirates section (though I can get why they added it and it does sort of "work" but I'm taken right out of the show, IMHO). I think they're both good shows for what they are though. I'm a little tired of Pocahontas (though I appreciate she has a presence). And I wish...
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