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  1. Prof Ecks

    Cinderella Castle Refurb and opening

    I can't seem to find anything related to the reopening of Cinderella's Castle. I am assuming it reopened on March 6th but no one has said anything about it. Does that mean that nothing was changed or added and they were just sprucing up the place? If there is a thread I missed related to this I...
  2. Prof Ecks

    In the world of animatronics, thought wdw'ers might enjoy this.

    Not about Disney directly, but falls under the keywords robot/animatronics... Saw this article about a german robot dragon and thought that you might enjoy checking it out. Here's the link...
  3. Prof Ecks

    Our biennial journey inside the bubble

    We visit WDW every two years. Each trip is more than a vacation, it is a chapter in our lives providing memories and structure to the history of our family. We can look back and see the kids from strollers through high school and now college. Our WDW vacations have become the stratigraphy for...
  4. Prof Ecks

    Is it me or are they de-smellifying WDW?

    Got back from a wonderful trip to WDW the first week of the year, but it seemed like there were a lot of smells missing. Of course there was no smell of burning Rome, but there was hardly any smelliness in Philharmagic...Soarin seemed to be pretty low key on the smells and then no stink in Tough...
  5. Prof Ecks

    Booked Free Disney Dining for January 2013

    I received a Disney Destinations promo today in the mail with a pin for free disney dining in 2013. Covers 1/2- 3/7/13. Called Pam at Kingdom Konsultants and she got it added to our January wdw/wlv vacation package. Sweet. Thought I would pass it along. Yay Pam!
  6. Prof Ecks

    getting something special set up at Wilderness Lodge

    We are going to the stay at the Villas at the Wilderness Lodge for my son's graduation (thanks Pam for setting this up!). Anyway, we want to do something special upon arrival. It is a bit complicated and entails getting some merchandise sent to our hotel so that it will be in the room upon our...
  7. Prof Ecks

    getting contact information for the guest service manager of Saana

    While at the AKL lodge a few weeks ago we had an excellent dinner at Saana. The server was great and the food was as well. We like things spicy and the chef was able to really put a little fire into our dishes. We were particularly impressed with the wine flights put together to enhance the...
  8. Prof Ecks

    Pwani View Guest House

    I could not find a thread on this- Jack Spence posted a very nice blog entry concerning the new owners of the Safari View Guest House. This is the type of attention to detail and narrative that makes Disney so unique...
  9. Prof Ecks

    No walking trail between AK Lodge and AK. Why?

    One of the things we have enjoyed doing when staying at the Boardwalk or the Yacht Club is walking to EPCOT, but also walking along the water to DHS. I was wondering why there is no walking path between the AK Lodge and the AK park. You would think that would be the perfect place to have a...
  10. Prof Ecks

    How are crowds during the first week of June?

    We are going to WDW from May 31st- June 7th this year. So we will be arriving the week after Memorial Day. Guidebooks suggest that there is a significant drop in attendance during that week, however, I am a bit skeptical. If you have been to WDW the week after MD could you please let us know how...
  11. Prof Ecks

    Any Streetmosphere news or changes?

    I am wondering if there have been any additions or subtractions, or anything we should know about regarding the Streetmosphere characters that populate the world? You all were very helpful two years ago. We learned alot and it improved the quality of our trip by learning more about one of our...
  12. Prof Ecks

    Capt. Jack Sparrow meet and Greet Times?

    Just a quick question as we prepare for our trip to world. Does anyone know the times that Sparrow usually shows up at the PotC to meet and greet? Is it a show? Are we allowed autographs and photos like with other characters? thanks prof. X
  13. Prof Ecks

    Disneyworld Saints fans

    I am a huge Saints fan and I can't help but notice it looks like there are a few other Saints fans that are also into WDW and Disney culture. It would be nice to see how many Saints fans are actually wdwmagic members, so please respond and let me know if you are one of that special breed of...
  14. Prof Ecks

    Hoop DDR to close in Jan/Feb 07?

    I just heard from Pam at KK that she couldn't get reservations to the HDD for my January 07 trip to the world. The CM she spoke to thought is was going to be dark during that time. Anyone have any information on this before I decide on replacing the HDD with another show/dinner? thanks PE
  15. Prof Ecks

    Reserved seating and Fantasmic DP

    A quick question. If you have the FDP and show up to find there are better seats available then the ones in your reserved section, can you take those seats? Or, are you restricted to only taking seats that are in your reserved section? thanks
  16. Prof Ecks

    From Yacht Club to Hoop Dee Doo Revue

    The family wants to do the HDDR this year, but we are staying at the Yacht Club. The logistics seem a bit daunting (was oh so easy from the WL!). So, I am asking if anyone knows the best way to get back and forth from the hotel to the revue and has any advice or experience with this particular...
  17. Prof Ecks

    Getting the most from Concierge services

    Pam has just booked us a room for Jan 2007 at the Yacht Club on the concierge floor and needless to say we are very excited. My question is: I would like to know how to best make use of the concierge services. I have been doing a little reading and am still not clear on just exactly what we...
  18. Prof Ecks

    Disney Language Question- Meet and Greet

    I have a quick question about the phrase (and related Disney Behavior) "Meet and Greet." Is that a bit of Disneyese or did they get the phrase from somewhere else? The reason I ask is that I was listening to NPR yesterday morning driving up from New Orleans to Jackson MS and there was a story...
  19. Prof Ecks

    Doll House Help!

    Hello Everyone: My wife suddenly decided my daughter would love a doll house kit. Since we are leaving for WDW on Dec 28th, I am wondering if they don't sell Doll house kits somewhere in WDW. In which case, my daughter could get the kit there as a belated xmas present. Does anyone know if there...
  20. Prof Ecks

    Before or After Christmas? Which do you like?

    Christmas is my favorite holiday and I like the idea of having christmas sort of keep on going- so I am looking forward to being at WDW between the 28th and the 2nd. Which do you think is more fun, going ahead of time and building up to a crescendo of holidayness at Christmas...or going after...
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