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  1. DreamalittleDisney

    Oh no ... there will be no space in Galaxys Edge!

    Anyone else seen this hoping it's a joke - tried to post in the 2019 stroller size rules but it's been closed. Wonder what the dimensions are...
  2. DreamalittleDisney


    Heya all Rumoured this wasnt happening but here is the first email on it I've seen ....
  3. DreamalittleDisney

    DDP what do you get for your credits at....

    Heya Coming back over from UK in a week and have reservations at the below sometimes it's not super clear what you get for a TS credit with some meals (I apologise in advance if I'm being a bit dense!) So at the yachtsman what can I choose from with by x 2 TS credits? I've heard about a...
  4. DreamalittleDisney

    News The crane.....

    Just read the crane is out... anyone know how long is normally out for at this time of year? I'll be in wdw in 23 days and would prefer to know if it's going to be in my photos 😂
  5. DreamalittleDisney

    Worst dodgy Disney Merch

    Currently on holiday in Egypt and saw this it made me think... 1) I missed Toy Story 4 and how did I not know they were making a 5th! 2) What's the best/worst/funniest dodgy Disney march you've seen
  6. DreamalittleDisney

    Best (Worst) Dodgy Disney Merch

    So currently on holiday in Egypt where we spot this beauty in the hotel gift shop it got me thinking.. 1) How on earth did I miss Toy Story 4 and when is 5 released 2) what's the best/worst fake disney merchandise that you've seen ?
  7. DreamalittleDisney

    MNSSHP 2018 Rumored Dates

    Hi all Sorry couldn't locate correct thread for this but anyone else seen this .. I'm arriving 21/10 so keen to plan in HEA when party isn't on I've checked attraction tickets and link is now gone but a Google search of mnsshp attraction tickets shows the page was put up 4 days ago ...
  8. DreamalittleDisney

    Table Service Stress... anyone else suffering?

    So last trip to www was in 2016 and had quick service ddp onmly res made was for BOG breakfast included in plan and minniea hollywood and dine fantasmic package which we paid for. This year we have table (now waiter) included (cheaper to book this way as from UK before the DDP is it worth it...
  9. DreamalittleDisney

    Toy Story Land FP

    Heya So when will they start to open up this to FP so we can plan these bits into our trips? Anyone know how they usually release FP for new areas like when the extended fantasy land ? Also anyone know if the Hollywood studios FP levels will still apply and what levels different toy story...
  10. DreamalittleDisney

    Boat Hire - Wilderness Lodge

    Hi Staying Oct18 was wondering if you hire a boat whereabouts you are allowed to take it. Is it just around your resort area or could you go right round seven seas ? I know you can rent different types but wouldn't need a huge one as only husband, 5yo son and me.
  11. DreamalittleDisney

    Wilderness Lodge Room Choices

    Hi Have booked WL for October 2018 for me, husband and will be 5yo boy. We have a woods view. Wanting advice on: Best rooms/room areas Should we request a bunk room or 2 x queens Thanks
  12. DreamalittleDisney

    Price Matching?!

    Hey Anyone ever got the official disney holiday booking site from the UK to price match a travel agent? Trying to find cheapest deal for October 2018 ..i could book now including flights with Virgin...or I could wait flight prices don't seem too bad now so any advice on book now or wait Arghhh
  13. DreamalittleDisney

    2018 moderate vs deluxe

    So free disney dining is available in the UK from 6th April.. price difference is about £1k between each level of hotel on a 10night stay for 2 adults and a child. The unanswerable question then is deluxe worth it...we think we will head to wilderness lodge of we choose deluxe is the extra £1k...
  14. DreamalittleDisney

    Disney Dining UK 2018!!

    Just spotted this ....
  15. DreamalittleDisney

    Nervously thinking about offsite....

    Heya Been twice stayed on site both times AKL (when I was a child ) and CBR last year as a parent Want to return next year with hubby and 5yo so expensive with flights from UK and hubby isn't a DW fanatic and we want to try Universal as well so thinking about rent ong am offsite villa but...
  16. DreamalittleDisney

    To wait or not to wait 2018 vs 2019

    So went on a full family (my parents 50s+, my brother and his gf 20s myself and hubby and our son then 3) to WDW in summer 2016. Went quite well except it was up to me to plan and herd for 10 days it was easier after day 7 when we decided to go our separate ways Its my 30th next year so was...
  17. DreamalittleDisney

    Gyms on site

    Hi Just seen a review on TA that's mentions a gym on CBR but no other info on this ... anyone shed any light ?
  18. DreamalittleDisney

    Pearl Picking

    Heya Seen the pearl picking available in a few Disney locations bit was wondering if anyone had any up to date prices on the settings ? Thanks
  19. DreamalittleDisney

    £ to $

    Dang traveling from the UK and changing currency just got a whole lot worse overnight dropped to $1.3 and could fall to $1.15... ouchy
  20. DreamalittleDisney

    Mike & Sulley

    Hi With all the changes at HSt anyone know if or where you can meet Mike and Sulley? Thanks
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