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  1. CalicoJack97

    Weather in June

    Hello everyone, I'm going to Disney World in the beginning of June this year. This will be my first visit in the month of June. With that said, what's the weather like in June?
  2. CalicoJack97

    Best Supermarket off-property?

    Good Morning everyone, I just wanted to know what the best supermarket that's off-property and close by. Is there a Winn Dixie or another equivalent close-by?
  3. CalicoJack97

    Weather In March?

    Hello all! Im heading to Disney World in late March this year. I was just curious what the weather is usually like in late March? Hopefully not cold! :cold:
  4. CalicoJack97

    Where to stay: BoardWalk Inn or Coronado Springs Resort?

    Hello WDW community i've been looking at hotels that I've never stayed at on Disney property. I've heard nice things about the Boardwalk but very mixed emotions about Coronado Springs. Which hotel in your opinions is the best of the two and why. And also post a rating out of 10 of what you...
  5. CalicoJack97

    When getting to WDW from Orlando (MCO): Magical Express, Rental Car or Taxi?

    What's your mode of transportation when arriving at Orlando Intl Airport? Do you get on the express, rent a car or catch a cab? Leave a comment below! Regards.
  6. CalicoJack97

    Weather in May 2016?

    what will the weather be like around May 15th to May 30th ???
  7. CalicoJack97

    Howdy New Member here

    Hello fellow Disney fans i'm a new member here on the WDW MAGIC! Just like to introduce myself, my name is Nick I. I'm from New York and have been a Disney fan since birth. Ive visited Disney World 19 times and have a ton of Disney stuff. From movies to memorabilia I own it all! My favorite...
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