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    Ahh the nostalgia....

    When stumbling upon this in my archives I assumed it would be in Universal but it was MGM Studios!
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    Aladdin Parade 1993 MGM Studios

    Here's another from my vintage attraction playlist. Loved this parade. Anyone remember this?
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    Magic Kingdom 20th Anniversary Parade 1992

    Glad it brings back great memories for you 😊
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    Magic Kingdom 20th Anniversary Parade 1992

    A bit of nostalgia for you guys..... Hope you enjoy 👋
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    Lots of past attraction and vintage footage of Disney and Orlando attractions here!

    Hi all, I am a new member to the group and I absolutely love reminiscing on past attraction and vintage footage. I have loads to share with you. Today's video is the Night Magic Shamu show from 1993. I have a growing playlist on my YouTube channel JJT Adventures and have lots more to share with...
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