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    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    Prime location for Club 33.
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    New mystery project 7 seasO

    tunnel to finish the walk from the resorts
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    Mulch Sweat & Shears end of run?

    I can remember the tall bass player at Pleasure Island when it started in 1989!
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    Osborne Lights Officially Returning for 2015 for 20th and Final Season

    On BAY NEWS 9 they reported that the lights were moving to Sunset BLVD.
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    New nighttime show at MK?

    He was not on vacation he was all business.
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    New nighttime show at MK?

    We saw Steven Davidson at the Magic Kingdom Wednesday the 11th.
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    Too crowded!!

    They need to make the park more expensive and limit capacity and just serve the DVC members.
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    Disney to trial new allergy friendly menus at pilot locations this month

    I wish they would implement something like that for the Food And Wine Festival.
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    Ticket Price Increase - Feb 2014

    Universal should lower their ticket prices (now that would make a statement)!
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    Magic band Rash

    Has the band ever breakout a rash on your arm,so far I know two people that this has effected.
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    For the fun of it HOW MANY POINTS DO YOU HAVE?

    I have 700
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    Reminder: Passholder Preview signup noon (EDT) today

    Having issues trying to sign up
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    nemo 2

    Nemo 2 is coming
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    Fun Facts

    you are pushed out the window by the bride.
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    Does seeing a Disney character bring you to tears?

    When Mickey appears on top of mountian during fantasmic!
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    People Making $$$ By Filming WDW Attractions?

    What do you think of people like Lou Mongellow charging for a tour of WDW,or his so-called guide books and more?
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