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  1. jiminy.cricket

    Hilton Lake Buena Vista vs. Hilton Buena Vista Palace

    Hello; I come once again seeking your wisdom. I couldn't find any recent threads regarding these hotels. Does anyone know the pros and cons of staying at each? I understand one (or both?) of them recently underwent renovation. Do they have spas (I didn't see any listed on their sites), and...
  2. jiminy.cricket

    Two Questions: HEA and DS

    Hello! I had a couple of questions I wasn't able to find answers to through a thread search or through Google, so I thought they might be worth asking here. I've heard there is a 4th-floor balcony at the Contemporary from which one can watch the fireworks with music. Does anyone know how...
  3. jiminy.cricket

    August 6

    Will probably be resort-hopping this day during this last-minute trip. Will anyone else be there?
  4. jiminy.cricket

    Pop Century vs. Coronado Springs vs. Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Hello! My friend and I are going on a trip to the World for a few days later this summer and are undecided on a hotel. Any opinions on these resorts and our little dilemma of indecision would be appreciated! He would like to see the refurbished Pop rooms and swim in the Hippy Dippy pool but...
  5. jiminy.cricket

    A weekend trip: pre-trip questions and advice

    Hello! I'm back again. As you might have noticed, my friend and I (who live far apart) have been playing with the idea of visiting Disney together for, well, years. Between life, school, work, and for one reason or another, we've never followed through with it. However, it finally seems...
  6. jiminy.cricket

    The Quest on ABC

    I didn't find a thread for this so here I am! I have just become obsessed with The Quest series through Netflix (I've already watched it twice)! Apparently the show premiered last summer (2014) and gained a cult following despite minimal promotion. It's a love project of the producers of Lord of...
  7. jiminy.cricket

    The Quest on ABC

    I didn't find a thread for this so here I am! I have just become obsessed with The Quest series through Netflix (I've already watched it twice)! Apparently the show premiered last summer (2014) and gained a cult following despite minimal promotion. It's a love project of the producers of Lord...
  8. jiminy.cricket

    How do you keep Disney fresh?

    Howdy! So I'm in a bit of a contemplative mode, as usual. I'm in the middle of a magical trip with my family in Orlando which I'd anticipated for months. My last trip was over two years ago. Yesterday, we visited the Magic Kingdom, which was less crowded and chilly than I had anticipated. I...
  9. jiminy.cricket

    Fastpass+ without MDE or touring without Fastpass+

    Hello; I haven't been to the parks in a few years and had a few questions about Fastpass+. First of all, when you activate Fastpass+ on your tickets at a park kiosk, do you essentially need to create a My Disney Experience account? Would the kiosk request any information before activating the...
  10. jiminy.cricket

    Walt Disney World or Disneyland in January?

    Hello! I've been craving Disney for a while but especially over the past year. I always catch a thrill daydreaming about the parks and then fixate on planning fictitious trips. It looks like I will finally have a few weeks free in January 2015 (I would love to visit in the fall, but it...
  11. jiminy.cricket

    Running shoes?

    My toes are actually getting a bit beaten up from time to time in my sneakers during runs. I'm actually thinking about trying out the Invisible Shoe. It's about as close as I can get to running barefoot without actually running barefoot. Has anyone tried it? What were your thoughts? What...
  12. jiminy.cricket

    Birthday surprise

    Hey all, So my coworker is almost as huge of a Disney junkie as I am. Her birthday is later this year, and she'll be heading to the World shortly after for a week! I'm trying to come up with some unique and creative ideas for decorating her cubicle desk...or anything else related to birthdays...
  13. jiminy.cricket

    "Disney motto helped dad, autistic son survive at sea"

    Not sure if this goes here, but I thought it was interesting! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26639098/
  14. jiminy.cricket

    That Elusive Attractor: The D Factor (Hey; that rhymed)

    Hi, so I posted a thread similar to this a few months ago, but mainly about the theme parks. I'm so curious about this. I've been obsessed with Disney movies, parks and history since I was probably 5. I have collections of books about animation, art, theme parks and basically everything...
  15. jiminy.cricket

    Seasonal work?

    Seasonal work Does anyone know the requirements to stay seasonal?
  16. jiminy.cricket

    Professional Internships

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone was willing to share personal testimonies of their experiences as professional interns at WDW. Can anyone tell me what the work environment is like, either here or through PMs? Did the experience help in your career/next job/resume? Thanks!
  17. jiminy.cricket

    Seeking employment

    Hi, I just felt a strong urge to type this. I'm a recent college graduate and I really have no idea what to do with my life or what kind of job I want! My area of study is pretty general, so I really don't know what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice/leads? I really...
  18. jiminy.cricket

    Nice Disney Smells

    Okay, so I know of several threads that discuss smells that remind people of Walt Disney World, but I'm looking for a list of particularly interesting or nice smells actually at the World (hotels, restaurants, attractions)--maybe smells I should seek out on my next trip! I started thinking...
  19. jiminy.cricket

    PI application help?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the application process for PIs. I've uploaded my resume, but I can only seem to fit one other document onto my profile. I'm not sure where to post references and extra documents. And does anyone know what this means?: Additional Information...
  20. jiminy.cricket

    Tokyo Disneyland's 25th

    Does anyone know what's going on? And does anyone have recent pictures of the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel construction?
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