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  1. Doug Means

    Trip Report 1st Real Kid-less trip

    I hope you enjoy the read from a trip for my wife and I without or kids...it was fun!! It all Started on Sunday June 23rd around 11:30pm. This is the time that while in our Dallas one night stay, we were notified that our next morning 6:15am flight was cancelled. Only seats left to Orlando at...
  2. Doug Means

    Flight canceled, having to scramble

    My 6am flight from Dallas was canceled this morning😢. We’re having to scramble to figure out how to fit a day in a park on our check out day. Not to mention all missed fast passes we can’t get now and the dining reservation. Will post after trip notes on the trip thread. Ugh. Suggestions??
  3. Doug Means

    pin/unpin thread?

    How do I unpin a thread I pinned to follow or watch?
  4. Doug Means

    Ratio (not the guy on CSI Miami)

    OK i have a few general questions someone may want to answer, right or wrong. BUT 1st let me give you the situations that lead me to this question(s): we arrived to HS and proceeded to our TT fast pass. we got off and had approximately 85 minutes until our RR fast past. we grabbed an ice...
  5. Doug Means

    Dining waiting list

    Hey!! I want reservations for Ohana's and i am about 44 days out. There is nothing available right now. I know to keep looking, but was wondering if there is any waiting list or notification service that will help get a reservation??? thanks in advance for any help
  6. Doug Means

    Last minute reservations

    Hey everyone: i looked for a thread for the answer already but could not find anything, sorry if this is a repeat. I just found out im going to WDW in 65 days!!!! i'm trying to get dinner reservations at Tusker House and O'Hana's, but of course there are none to be had. Is there a direct...
  7. Doug Means

    Resort Bucket List

    I have always had a dream to visit every resort at WDW before i die. so i am starting to make a list of the order to which i want to proceed. I would love some help from anyone who wants to give their opinion. Should i go Low, Medium, high and repeat until done, or do all the lows, then all...
  8. Doug Means

    Where should Zootopia Land go?

    Try to convince your fellow WDW lovers on your thoughts. And if not an entire land but where the ride should go and what type of ride it should be.
  9. Doug Means

    We should play "where am i at"

    Share a pic of you at Disney and let see if people can guess where exactly you are in the pic
  10. Doug Means

    Drone Light Show?

    Anyone seen the show? How was it?
  11. Doug Means

    Over the Top

    I know that sometimes these boards can get negative. I hope this does not happen on this thread. I am wanting to know what for you does Disney do (especially at WDW) that is over the top good, that got you hooked, wanting to come back over and over again, instead of maybe doing other vacations...
  12. Doug Means

    Crack the Door Open

    Can anyone please crack the door open to the premium members lounge so that i can see whats in there? is there a secret hand shake?
  13. Doug Means

    Current Studios Map

    From Orlando Theme Park News, here is the current map of the park. Sad to see it, but happy it will be growing.
  14. Doug Means

    Best Thread

    What is the best thread on here you have been apart of? even though i keep up with everest, i really like the trip stories
  15. Doug Means

    Trip Report Back from WDW, rested and reflected

    Last week we(extended family of 7) returned from WDW. This was my first time to fly and use WDW Magic Express. What a great experience that was. We had planned ahead like i have read and had any important items with us in our carry-ons. So, off the plane arrival FL time was 2:15) and right...
  16. Doug Means

    Half Day Parks

    I am very confused. i am also not very bright. I feel like I've done my share of visiting WDW, even having FL annual passes one year and going ALOT. With that being said i still feel like i have not done everything i could have. to the point that there has never been a day or park that i...
  17. Doug Means

    Disney Quest

    What is the cost of Disney Quest? Anyone want to put in their 2 cents on if my family should spend any time there?
  18. Doug Means

    Pre-Trip Taking 1st Timers with us this time

    Hello All: i'm very excited about the fact that my family has a few new additions, a daughter-in-law and a grandson. out of the 7 of us, a few have been several times, a few have been once and now the 1st timers. It is very cool to share all the pre-trip planning and just see the excitement...
  19. Doug Means

    Free Maps

    Hey: thanks for the help in advance. 2 years ago we were able to pre-order some customized park maps and have them mailed to our house before the trip. They were very cool and my daughter has them in her room today. Now we have someone coming with us for the first time and i was hoping to...
  20. Doug Means

    ADR at T-Rex or Rain Forest

    Hey: thanks for help in advance. i've had ADR's at these two before and have them again for my next trip in June. On the Disney website its states as advice to arrive 60 minutes before any reservation, but it seam in my weak memory that at these 2 places they won't even take you name until 15...
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